NOT: in Palermo to discover and celebrate Frankish wines

NOT: in Palermo to discover and celebrate Frankish wines

From 18 to 20 January Palermo comes alive for the second edition of NOT, the wine festival dedicated to natural wines: that’s why you should participate.

Winemakers and small artisan producers return to the center of the Mediterranean: this is the ambitious goal of NOT, an exhibition dedicated to Frankish wines scheduled from 18 to 20 January 2020 at the Cantieri Culturali della Zisa in Palermo . Due to its geographical position, the Sicilian capital goes well with that concept of centrality so dear to the organizers of the event that,raise awareness of the way of drinking and restore dignity to the figure of the winemakerfor this second edition , they propose an even richer program. The format will be divided into three days of wine tastings from Italy and abroad, debates, seminars and workshops led by great personalities from the world of wine, gastronomy and sector information. The leitmotif of the event is well summarized in the pay off ” Do not modify, do not interfere” , which explains a political and cultural choice, the modus operandi that safeguards Nature and territorial identity. More than a simple event, Not wants to support and spread that cultural and productive movement in southern Italyable to sensitize the way of drinking and restore dignity to the figure of the winemaker. Here are all the events – open to wine lovers and operators in the sector – not to be missed :


  1. Conference . Saturday 18 January Not will debut with a great debate on the artisan wine market, on the state of the art of the new consumption trend which will see the participation of the Master Masv of the University of Palermo, of Wine Monitor / Nomisma and of Porthos Racconta, with the title “Apocalyptic and integrated, questions of perspectives on natural and dynamic wines of consumption “. The conference will be held from 9.30 to 16 at the Cinema De Seta. The first parenthesis of the debate will focus on the results of the survey conducted on the Italian consumer by the Nomisma wine observatory, one of the most authoritative national statistical research companies, which will be followed by the window on natural wine in Sicily with the collected data. from the Master which trains managers of companies in the wine sector. The stage will then host a talk in which the winemakers Stefano Amerighi, Nino Barraco, Alessandro Dettori and Arianna Occhipinti, spokesperson of the productive thought that puts the value of the winemaker at the center, they tell and discuss each other. The last part of the conference will see Sandro Sangiorgi, founder of the Porthos publishing house and leading popularizer of the natural wines paradigm, interviewing Franco Giacosa, one of the fathers of modern enology, through a thematic path that goes from “Discovery of technological enology to the affirmation of natural wine “.
  2. Tasting counters . Saturday 18 January at 4 pm, the Festival will enter the heart of the review with the opening of the Tre Navate, the pavilion that houses the tasting counters of NOT , the beating heart of the event with over 100 small companies and 500 wines to taste. Until 9 pm, wine lovers can embark on an exciting and unprecedented journey between wines and terroirs, stories and life bets. On Sunday 19 January the tasting counters at the Tre Navate will be open from 11.30 to 19. Monday 20 Januarythe tasting counters will be open free of charge to the public of sector operators, restaurateurs, pizza chefs and wine merchants, from 10 to 17. ‘wide and varied production offer that is the spokesperson for those values ​​to which an increasingly large slice of consumers, especially young people, is sensitive. At 5 pm at Cre.Zi.Plus it will end with a welcome snack with salami, wines and wood-fired bread from the Forno and Biscottificio Scala – Ai Sapori di Un Tempo.
  3. Laboratories . The workshops will be held on Saturday 18 January in the Cre.Zi.Plus Events Space . From 5 pm to 6.30 pm Piero Sardo, President of the Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity Onlus and Mateja Gravner, daughter of that Josko Gravner, proclaimed as one of the greatest exponents of natural wine, will conduct a tasting on the rebirth of ancient production paradigms entitled Wines, cheeses and natural cured meats . From 6.30 pm to 8 pm Bernardo Conticelli, Ambassador of Champagne in Italy, will bring enthusiasts to discover the Champagne of the Vignerons Rècoltants. At 9 pm, the Cantiere Cucina Cre.Zi.Plus will host the popular dinner and, to follow, the NOT winemakers’ party. Sunday 19th Januaryat 10.30, Sandro Sangiorgi together with Matteo Gallello, coordinator of the teaching of Porthos Racconta (teaching center dedicated to the culture of natural wines), will conduct a tasting of six samples of the same wine from the same company, from six different vineyards. A journey to discover the flavor, the fabric and the sense of place . The cycle of meetings will continue with the preview presentation of the technical-scientific research on different styles of wines macerated from grillo grapes conducted by Uva Sapiens. The tasting, scheduled at 1.30 pm and entitled ’50 shades of Grillo. Uncovering Tradition‘, will be led by oenologists Mattia Filippi (founder of Uva Sapiens) and Ivan Cappello and will focus on tasting ten wines. At 4 pm the journalist Francesca Ciancio will hold a blind tasting comparing conventional and Frank wines. It will continue at 5.30 pm with an alternative journey through glasses and pages, told in the book ‘ L’Italia di Vino in Vino. Itineraries on foot and by bike to discover organic and natural winemakers ‘ published by Altra economy. The authors themselves, Sonia Ricci and Diletta Sereni, will act as guides.
  4. Not Off . In the days preceding and during the exhibition, the ferment of NOT will contaminate the cities with the NOT OFF, the off-halls to bring natural wine to the attention of the general public. And then aperitifs and themed dinners with the winemaker in Palermo’s restaurants, wine bars, wine bars and cultural spaces. January 15 Waiting for Not at the Sanlorenzo Mercato tavern And then on January 16 at Le Angeliche a dinner with the wines of Francesco Guccione; on January 17Champagne and tapas with Bernardo Conticelli from Maison Bocum; at Palazzo Mazzarino Tuscan tastings and tasting conducted by Stefano Bagnacani with Paolo Marchionni of the homonymous company from Vigliano (Florence) and Maria Sole Giannelli from Ficomontanino di Chiusi (Siena); and again, Morgane Fleury talks about her Champagne at the Gagini restaurant in combination with the dishes of the chefs Massimiliano Mandozzi and Elnava de Roa; while at the Osteria dei Vespri Etna meets Menfi, the two great natural reds from the Sciacca and Boccone companies; on January 19 at the new local Libertà aperitif with the winemakers; from Aja Mola jazz & wine dinner to discover Vulture, Montepulciano d’Abruzzo and Etna; at the Radici Ristorante Alcamo terroir dinnerwith wines from the Possente cellar; at the Osteria dei Vespri instead the Great expressions of natural wine with Casa Caterina and Federico Graziani. At the Villa Costanza restaurant, an appointment with the dishes of Antonio Terzo and the pizzas in the pan by Maurizio Battaglia and Marco Bianco, paired with Lamoresca and Mortellito. Finally, on January 20 at the Trattoria Al Faro Verde an unmissable appointment dedicated to the fish of the ancient fishing village of Porticello with Bonetta dell’Oglio, the Donne di Mare, the chef Maurizio Balistreri, the Balistreri brothers and Massimo Padova from the Rio Favara winery. Grand finale with Not Stapparty at Sanlorenzo Mercato to celebrate the closing of the second edition.

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