Nostalgia: the 90s surprises of the Kinder Egg

Nostalgia: the 90s surprises of the Kinder Egg

The Kinder egg was an object of desire for all the 90s because of its filling: the surprises by Kinder, from tartallegre onwards.

I was lucky enough to be born into a family with four charcuterie uncles. These two couples ran those ancient shops where the daily bread was kept in wooden shelves and you could buy everything from bleach to raisins. There was a couple I was more attached to, also because if mom and dad took me there late in the evening, they allowed me to weigh the Kinder eggs . The custom was necessary to be able to safely buy the right chocolate shell with one of the characters in the coveted series of surprises that ruined all children born in the Eighties. Happypotami , Coccodritti , Tartallegre : I have collected them all.


  1. Happypotami . It all began in 1991, with the launch of this series of pets that became famous as Happypotami. The ten pieces plus the illustrative map today have a very high value: some say they are worth even three hundred euros. The Happypotami promoted a healthy lifestyle, made up of physical exercise, artistic gymnastics and muscolacci . Among the ten characters were two females, complete with legwarmers and pink bodysuits, worthy heirs of Jane Fonda’s school.
  2. Tartallegre . It was 1992 and after the praise to the more or less healthy mens sana in corpore, the Tartallegre arrived, whose message could be more or less «Good life for everyone! “. Hawaiian necklaces, coconut milk cups, watermelon slices, flower shaped umbrellas. Very difficult to find, today they remind us a little of that joy of living, especially in summer, that Covid has stolen from us.
  3. Gnomburloni . Let’s face it, it was a bit of a nerd and little loved series. The Gnomburloni were ugly to see, many (16), therefore difficult to collect and not very stimulating for the imagination of children perhaps a little overgrown. Inspired by the tale of Snow White, the cartouche of the Gnomburloni read as follows: « We are little ones, we are beautiful / red hoods, white hair / green, brown or blue dresses … / Our story! You invent it !!! 
  4. Crocodiles . Giotto Panciotto, Lina Tabellina, Gin Gymnastics, Lallo Intervallo, Professor Accadueò: it doesn’t take long to understand that the third line of Kinder surprises launched in 1992 had to pay homage to school and stimulate the didactic imagination of children. A lot of sexism also in this series of surprises, that to the female crocodiles he associated the figure of the petulant and acidic math teacher (with the claw raised), the slightly dazed student (Rosa Vanitosa) and the music teacher Mimì Money.
  5. The Dwarves . The people in charge of the design of the Kinder egg nuggets were particularly fond of dwarfs. At the end of 1992 and the beginning of 1993 it was the turn of the Dwarf Artisans and the Dwarfs at the Bathroom. Still all men, very busy in all kinds of activities, from the carpenter to the potter for the first series. In the second, the little dwarves are intent on the toilet, but luckily there were only 6 of them.
  6. Leo Venturas . In 1993 it was the turn of the Leo Venturas, 10 very adventurous characters, dedicated to the exploration of the savannah. Those with rucksacks, those with guitar and net, the Leo Venturas have conquered us.
  7. Ranoplà . In 1993 the Ranoplà line was also launched, very sporty frogs, but focused on winter disciplines. In fact, some puppets were busy with hockey tools, others making a nice snowman.
  8. PandaParty . We are in 1994 and with PandaParty we want to communicate the desire to party. From Tonino Pensierino to Tommy Tuttagola passing through Lucia Festamia, the 12 characters were a real hymn to joy.
  9. PinguiBeach . In 1994, with the end of the summer, the PinguiBeach characters were launched. Although accustomed to the icy beaches of Antarctica, the puppets made one want to go back to the hot summer days, precisely those in which the Kinder eggs disappeared, waiting for the return of the colder months.
  10. Coccobulli . In search of a boom equal to that of the Crocodiles, the Kinder creatives decided to focus on a conceptually opposite line, exploiting the same animal. The Coccobulli were born. Among these were Danny Dance, Stefy Cuffietta, Lella Rotella and Gimmi Bernoccolo, just to name a few of the stalwart characters.
  11. Squalibabà . One thing that certainly drove us crazy were the names of these characters, as in the case of the Squalibabà. Launched in 1995, they told of a ” pasha life ” complete with scimitars, snake charmers and hookah smokers.
  12. Happy Dinos . We are in 1996: it is the year of the Happy Dinos, a cheerful group of dynamic and very nice workers, all equipped with a helmet and enviable building skills.
  13. Ghosts . Among the less successful collections is that of the Ghosts. Released in the same year as Happy Dinos, they were characterized by the fluorescence of the bodies.
  14. Elefantao . 1997 opens with the Elefantao, cute South American animals, passionate about sun, sea and tan.
  15. Miaogizi . Taking up an animal sacred to ancient Egypt, Kinder launched the Miaogizi line in 1997, reproducing in strictly hand-painted puppets some of the most popular crafts of the time, including that of the pizza maker represented by Medin Ah Pizz.
  16. Sir Condor . It is 1998 and Kinder launches a series of characters dedicated to medieval sagas: the Sir Condors. There are ten characters inspired perhaps by the cute birds drawn several times in Disney classics, which pay homage to the greats of the time, such as Orlando Russoso and Lancillotto Cucciolotto.
  17. Luna Park . In the same year, Luna Parks made their debut, playful bears, engaged in the management of the main activities of an amusement park. From Beppe Rapido to Tobi La Bomba, none of the figures familiar to lovers of rides are missing.
  18. Dazed . The Stralunati were 10 mysterious extraterrestrials with habits very close to ours. Unci Net, Cidì Sko and My Copy prove it.
  19. Still dwarfs . 1998 ends with the series I Nani e le Stagioni : the 12 characters paid homage to the lily of the valley, the barbecue and the art of winemaking of which the exponent was the brilliant Rudi Fillossera (which you will never understand if you have not done at least an introductory wine course).
  20. Castorcin . The nineties come to an end with the honorable Castorcin, 10 Chinese-inspired characters in the shape of a beaver. Among the various stereotypes there is no shortage of the Great Wall of China, nor the omnipresent rickshaw.
  21. Super Giraffe . 1999 ends with the Super Giraffes: these reckless animals seem to combine them of all colors. Those who launch themselves with the rocket, those who hang the clothes on their necks and those who go off-road on a mountain bike.

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