Non-alcoholic mojito: 4 fresh and tasty variations

Non-alcoholic mojito: 4 fresh and tasty variations

If you don’t like alcohol and want to try a fresh and aromatic non-alcoholic mojito, try these 4 fresh and tasty variations.

Cocktails dominate the whole summer because they are fresh, aromatic, alcoholic and otherwise, inextricably linked to holidays, fun and relaxation. There are many, some of which are known and replicated all over the world. The mojito is certainly one of them. It was born in Cuba and is prepared with rum, brown sugar, mint leaves, lime juice and tonic water.the mojito is an explosion of flavor and freshness and a simple and clean cocktail on the palateIt is an explosion of flavor and freshness, it is a simple and clean cocktail on the palate, not very sweet but also appreciated by many women. However, if you don’t like alcohol or want to try a mojito that’s just as fresh and aromatic but without the weight of alcohol, you might want to try these recipes. They are very tasty and colorful versions prepared with additional ingredients that make this cocktail a new experience to try.


  1. strawberry-mojitoStrawberry Mojito. Pound strawberries with mint, brown sugar and lime and continue adding tonic water or Schwepps. Add lots of crushed ice and garnish with fresh strawberries.
  2. mojito-non-alcoholicMango Mojito. Blend the mango with the lime juice. Chop mint and brown sugar, then shake with rum, ice and water. For a nice touch, you can add lime wedges and frozen mango cubes in place of plain ice.
  3. ginger-mojito-1Ginger Mojito. All the classic ingredients are there but the rum is replaced by white melon juice and ginger. Then use mint, lime, brown sugar and tonic or sparkling water, in addition to Ginger Ale and crushed ice.
  4. mojito-al-caffeCoffee Mojito. An original but highly appreciated contrast, especially in America. Prepare the cocktail with the usual ingredients (mint, lime, tonic water, brown sugar), add crushed ice and a cup of cold coffee at the end so that it remains on the surface. To try!

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