Noma in Copenhagen reopens as a burger and wine bar

Noma in Copenhagen reopens as a burger and wine bar

Noma in Copenhagen, one of the best restaurants in the world, reopens after the lockdown reinventing itself: for a few months it will be a wine bar with a restricted menu.

For the past 10 years it has been considered one of the best restaurants in the world. To eat at Noma in Copenhagen you had to book, pay in advance, and shell out around $ 400 per person.the new name will be a wine bar with a very restricted menuAs with all restaurants, however, even for the local René Redzepi came the lockdown by coronavirus : Immediate stop and temporary closure. Now, starting next week, the venue for the first time in more than 2 months . And it does so by transforming itself once again into something else: an open-air wine bar . Very limited menu with just two burgers – the Noma Cheeseburger , with aged Bavarian steak, cheddar, red onion and homemade mayonnaise, and the Noma Veggie Burger , made with quinoa, tempeh and glazed with fermentation liquids – accompanied by a selection of wines, to be enjoyed lying on picnic blankets placed on the surrounding land. And without reservation.

“ We asked ourselves – explained the chef to the Los Angeles Times – should we make an ant marinade with raw carrots to show who we are? We answered: No, why should we do this right now? It’s about being together, not trying to be innovative ”. The new evolution, this Noma 3.0, is therefore designed not so much to relaunch itself in an economic sense – a fact that still persists – but rather to give food a great sense of conviviality , of healing . According to Redzepi, in fact, people may not be in the mood for an elegant meal right now, but rather be in a welcoming situation. Also taking the opportunity to try his cuisine.

In any case, the choice will not be permanent : the chef intends to prepare the sandwiches for a couple of months. The full restaurant, he explained to the American newspaper, will probably start work again before the end of July, which will give time to review the summer menu, to adapt to the new rules of social distancing and to wait for the relaxation of travel restrictions. for tourists. As one of the first chefs to reopen an upscale restaurant after the lockdown, Redzepi is therefore once again at the forefront. However, he doesn’t know what to expect next week. ” Noma – he said – has never served a hamburger before, unless you count the staff’s meals before serving “.

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