News on the canals: the new chef of the Pont de Ferr arrives

News on the canals: the new chef of the Pont de Ferr arrives

After a few months the Pont de Ferr finally announces who will be the cook who will replace Matias Perdomo. Let’s find out together.

Matias Perdomo, an Uruguayan chef at the Pont de Ferr fires in Milan for years, has chosen to find a new kitchen. However, it will remain in the Navigli area, very close to the place where it won the Michelin star. Stella who remains comfortable in the arms of Maida Mercuri , the eclectic owner of the Pont and the  Rebelot del Pont , right next door, in Ripa di Porta Ticinese.


Matias Perdomo and Mauricio ZIillo
Matias Perdomo and Mauricio Zillo, chef of the Rebelot


We already knew that Matias had decided to fly to new stoves at the beginning of the year, while remaining on good terms with the owners. The reasons are to be found in the chef’s desire to experiment with a more extreme and particular cuisine, a choice not shared by the patrons. What we did not know – and which Maida has incredibly managed to keep hidden until today – is the identity of the new cook or the new cook of her restaurant. Today at 13 the wait is over , we finally know who the new champion will be, but before revealing his identity it will be necessary to review the hypotheses that have arisen in recent months:

  1. Matteo Monti and beppe RambaldiMatteo Mont i: former chef of Il Canto di Siena after Paolo Lopriore, former flagship of the brigade of Davide Scabin and Beppe Rambaldi (left in the photo, alongside Matteo) at Combal. Zero. Will it be him?
  2. Polo lopriorePaolo Lopriore : a courageous hypothesis, perhaps too much for the small restaurant on the Navigli. But someone would have been really happy, if only for the ease of visiting the comfortable Milan.
  3. eugenio boerEugenio Jacques Christiaan Boer : for a short time there was also talk of him, the young Dutch cook orphan of the  Enocratia restaurant and wandering ever since. Eugenio, however, has just opened  Essenza , also in Milan, thus unsubscribing from the list.
  4. cristoforo trapaniCristoforo Trapani : chef of the Piazzetta Milu is already in the process of divorce, this is what the well-informed say. His experience, first as Heinz Beck, then by Morendo Cedroni at La Madonnina del Pescatore, and finally as a solo cook, would have made him an ideal candidate.
  5. Nino di costanzoNino di Costanzo : finally none other than the chef from Campania, already two Michelin stars at the Mosaico di Ischia from which he has just separated, was among the nominated for the role of new chef at Pont.

All that remains is to announce the winner of the toto cook at Pont de Ferr: Vittorio Fusari


Former chef at the Dispensa Pani e Vini restaurant in Torbiato di Adro (BS), he will lead the cuisine of the Pont de Ferr. Right now, in the restaurant on the Navigli, the celebrations are underway to welcome the new chef and these are his first words, as told by our editor in the field Alessio Cannata: ” For me this is a challenge – says Fusari – I am a very good friend by Matias and the novelty for me is to enter a place that already has a history. I am happy to do it in Milan and in the year of the Expo, I have always worked far from the metropolis and this is a dimension that I want to experience “


Maida and Vittorio Fusari
Maida and Vittorio Fusari


And what will happen to Dispensa Pani e vini? “I do not leave the club, also because I am in society there, but over the years I have worked to build a team that is also ready to work independently, so I will stay above all here in Milan” .

We do our warmest wishes to the new chef and to the whole place. Who goes first?

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