Naviglio Rosso, the first wine born in Milan

Naviglio Rosso, the first wine born in Milan

Naviglio Rosso – produced by Cantina Urbana – is the first wine born in Milan: we tell you about the product and the work of the CU guys.

Naviglio Rosso is the first wine born in Milan . Like most of the inhabitants of the Lombard capital, he does not have entirely Milanese ancestors: the grapes come from Oltrepò Pavese. But the conception, vinification and bottling all took place at Cantina Urbana , the winery in via Ascanio Sforza 87 which raised the clèr last autumn.

Cantina Urbana was born from an idea by Michele Rimpici : on the towpath of the Naviglio Pavese, a few tens of meters from the most famous night and night clubs, it is a place without too many decorations where wine is made, with oak barrels, steel, even huge terracotta amphorae. Since last January you can also sit at one of the few tables available for an aperitif or a tasting of the wines proposed by the hosts, all conceived by Cantina Urbana and made by friends of the Wine Collective , a group of winemakers and producers who share a poor productive ideology. of sulphites and rich in local traditions and flavors, from Veneto to Piedmont.

The first wine conceived and made entirely by Cantina Urbana is however Naviglio Rosso : the vines, coming from the Oltrepò Pavese, are Croatina and, in a much smaller percentage, Barbera .a Nordic red, fresh but intense that goes well with local dishesThe refinement took place in steel, oak and terracotta barriques: the blend in the bottle (75% amphora and 25% barrique) thus contains the scent of licorice and spices given by the wood, but also preserves the flowers and fruits of the wine itself. , thanks to the cleaning of the terracotta. A Nordic red , according to the definition of Rimpici, fresh but intense, with a hint of acidity, which goes well with dishes from the same territory: soft cheeses, game, risotto and ossobuco. Produced in 2,500 bottles, with an alcohol content of 13 and a half degrees, Naviglio Rosso will be available for tasting and on sale from June , after the last weeks of settling in the bottle.

In the summer will also arrive the second wine of Cantina Urbana, the Naviglio Bianco , a Riesling with a taste of summer fruit and a floral aroma; but those looking for something immediate can already taste and buy the other creations of the Wine Collective for Cantina Urbana: the white and red Milano for zero stress aperitifs ; the white, rosé and red Tranatt , which blends grapes from the north and grapes from the south aged in terracotta amphorae; El Mòs, sparkling, which marries the Milanese taste with the Treviso vineyards. Anyone wishing to deepen the discussion can also pre-register at the Wine Collective Club: a club for enthusiasts who will be able to participate in dedicated events, receive previews and exclusive products, take part in trips to discover the companies of the Wine Collective.

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