Music and wine: two worlds that meet

Music and wine: two worlds that meet

Music and wine are not two irreconcilable worlds: here are 13 Italian and foreign musicians who have dedicated themselves to the production of wine and sommellerie.

From record companies to wineries it is a short step for many rock stars. After all, we always talk about labels. It makes no difference for artists like Sting to go from the Sanremo stage to the presentation of the Tuscany Previews in Florence. The list of singers and musicians who have bought a vineyard to produce their own wine is getting longer and more and more surprising.


  1. shutterstock_15067999The ex of  The Police  best represents the category of musicians who have converted to the vineyard. It will be thanks to  Sting ‘s charisma , to the choice to produce wine in Tuscany but above all to his quality wine production. Even the Wine Spectator magazine  , the world bible of wine lovers, has noticed it and has included it among the best producers in a list that includes the historical families of wine (Antinori, Frescobaldi, Lunelli, Gaja). The flagship wine is  Sister Moon , a blend of 40% Sangiovese, 30% Merlot, 30% Cabernet Sauvignon. Other labels include  Message In A Bottle  and  When We Dance . Prices between 15 and 35 euros.
  2. shutterstock_42179935The tenor  Andrea Bocelli  has always been linked to the land and in particular to his Lajatico, in the heart of the Val d’Era, in the province of Pisa. Here his family has been producing wine for two centuries. It is not surprising that, after the music, Bocelli divides his time between the horses and the vineyard. The idea of ​​bottling wine was an extreme gesture of love for his father Alessandro who died before seeing the project realized. Following company and production, the younger brother of the tenor and his manager, Alberto. Seven Igt, two Docg (a Brunello and a Chianti), a Prosecco Doc and a Rosè Brut: this is the production of the Bocelli house in great demand on the American market and in Northern Europe. Prices from 10 to 45 euros.
  3. shutterstock_35501500Family business for pop star  Madonna . His father Silvio Tony Ciccone and his wife Joan have been running Ciccone Vineyard for over 20 years  , a company of which the singer is a financier. The company produces  Pinot Grigio, Pinot noir, Gewurztraminer, Cabernet Franc and Chardonnay in  Michigan . Of course there is also a wine dedicated to Pacentro, the Abruzzo town from which the Ciccone family comes. In the past,  limited editions have been dedicated to Madonna by Celebrity Cellars, specialized in this kind of memorabilia: among the most recent the one that bears the name of  Confessions on a dance floor.
  4. shutterstock_1048461853The  Certosa di Belriguardo , the Chianti area of ​​the Sienese hills, is the company of  Gianna Nannini . The singer plays at home: here the Sangiovese grape is the master. Among the labels: Baccano, Rosso di clausura, Chianti docg, Chiostro di Venere and Innno , with three Ns: the symbolic wine of Tuscany which is characterized by the absence of synthetic fertilizers, herbicides and with 40 percent less sulphites. Prices between 8 and 23 euros.
  5. shutterstock_180400202The Simple Minds have chosen Sicily to produce wine and invest in the hotel sector  .  Jim Kerr , leader of the Scottish band that exploded in the Eighties with the hit  Don’t you , is often in Taormina to follow the activities in the agricultural and hotel sector.
  6. huckThe red  Mick Hucknall , frontman of Simply Red , who has always been a lover of Italy, has a winery at the foot of Mount Etna called Il Cantante . It is a Nero D’Avola produced in the territory of Pachino with the most typical red grape of the island. The result is red wines that do not go unnoticed. True stars in their own way. Price: about 30 euros. 
  7. shutterstock_1038813310Zucchero  instead entrusted  Cantine Lunae with  the task of producing 3 labels: a red, a white and a rosé. It is a very limited production and the owner of the winery Diego Bosoni accepted for the friendship that binds the singer to the father of the producer.
  8. shutterstock_1045961689The  AC / DC  who not only produce wine in Australia but also beer and tequila have succumbed to the charm of wine . The labels include cabernet sauvignon  Highway to Hell , sauvignon blanc  Hells Bells , shiraz  Back in Black . Prices from 11 to 48 euros.
  9. shutterstock_530029420Grease days are long gone  ,  Olivia Newton John , after breast cancer, focused her efforts on charitable battles. The  Newton-John Cellars  own logo  Pink and Blue Wine . Wines with this label, a Chardonnay and a Cabernet Sauvignon help raise funds to support charitable projects in an effort to help make the world a better place. The cost is $ 12.
  10. shutterstock_737242528The trash metal band  Slayer  has launched a red (and it couldn’t be otherwise) called  Reign in Blood, the  title of their third album. The deluxe version is also online, complete with a coffin-shaped gift box. Prices starting from 16 euros.
  11. al-bano-a-sanremo-2018-e1506858817496-740x350Cellino San Marco singer  Al Bano  has always boasted of his peasant origins. On his farm he produces different types of wine, each for a special reason. Thus we find  Felicità  also in the Brut version, from the title of the most famous song paired with Romina, to Don Carmelo which is a tribute to his father, Plato , a blend of Primitivo and Negroamaro and the award-winning Taras . Over 350 thousand bottles produced per year. Prices between 10 and 42 euros.
  12. shutterstock_718413079Fergie , the lead singer of the Black Eyed Peas along with her father Pat Ferguson launched Ferguson Crest in 2006  . A 6 acre estate in Santa Ynez Valley in Santa Barbara County that looks like an ideal model to the Rhone Valley in France. The flagship wine is Fergalicious: a name, a program. Prices 20-35 dollars.
  13. maynard-james-keenanMaynard James Keenan , leader and singer of Tool, has long had a great passion for the world of wine. As fans of the metal genre know, he is an expert sommelier : he caused scandal for having issued statements in which he combines different types of wines with human flesh. So better a pinot noir for the cheeks and a beer for the nose, too full of cartilage and lips. For the language, he has no doubts: Barolo or Shiraz with a little wood.
  14. timthumbFabrizio Paoletti  is the Tuscan luthier who uses old disused Chianti barrels to build guitars . Almost ten years of activity that took off after the decisive meeting with Maurizio Solieri, historical guitarist of Vasco. The  wine-guitars  were seen on stage with Ligabue, Slash (Guns’ n Roses), Bruce Springsteen, John Norum (Europe), Phil X (Bon Jovi), Brian May (Queen), Keith Richards (Rolling Stones) and the list is still long.

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