Mosto, the Naples brewery that does not give up

In Naples, the guys from Mosto do not give up on difficulties: in addition to delivery, the third place in the city based on beer and good food will soon open.

Since 2015 Mosto has been synonymous with craft beer in Naples (vico II Alabardieri, 28). A project initially started from a small venue and which now, after 5 years, has taken on a decidedly more articulated form, thanks to the work and intuitions of Fabrizio Ferretti and Noemi Criscuolo . Just a chat with Fabrizio allowed us to discover the history and future projects of this entirely Neapolitan reality.

The origins: a little bar in Chiaia

Fabrizio and Noemi started from the Chiaia area , with a small room of a handful of square meters. Fabrizio tells us: “ Mosto was born from an idea of ​​mine and of Noemi, my partner. We focused on beer and spirits, mainly whiskey and gin, laying the foundations on passion and personal experiences. In July 2015 we opened the first room in the Chiaia bar area, just 28 square meters, mostly occupied by the counter where the seats are placed, in addition to the external ones. We have 12 plugs and an English pump, mainly dedicated to Italian beers, while as regards food, we rely on Umberto, an over 100-year-old pizzeria right in front of us, with whom we have established a virtuous good neighborly exchange relationship “.

Small Neapolitan Brewery

For fun, but also to satisfy the needs of his restaurant, in 2017 Fabrizio also launched into the production of beer, founding the Piccolo Napoletano Brewery . “ We produce four styles: a Golden Ale, an IPA, a Tripel and a Dubbel. Obviously these are the fixed routes that you can find from Mosto. When we left with us there was also Ferdinando Lonardo of Sti Malti, currently he has left the company but we continue to produce in his plant (in the province of Caserta) where we have our fermenters “.

The second venue and the menu

“ We have opened a second restaurant in Vomero (via Giovanni Merliani, 158) with a kitchen and more seats. From a gastronomic point of view we aim for a very simple cheeseburger, easy to bite but with good quality ingredients “. In Mosto’s menu there is also an unusual dish (already copied from other places in Naples) the Katsu Sando : a Japanese sandwich with pork belly cutlet, first cooked at low temperature and then breaded and fried.

React to the unfavorable period

Despite the certainly not rosy period, the guys from Mosto do not stop and are about to inaugurate, when possible, a third venue in the historic center , effectively covering the three liveliest areas of the city. “ While at Vomero we took over an existing business, in the center we started from scratch. There will be no kitchen but only a laboratory to regenerate the products, but we will have twenty ways of which eighteen plugs and two pumps. Finally, for about a year we have also been distributors of 14 Italian breweries, with an ecommerce site for retail sales “ .

How is the situation in Naples? “ The Neapolitan scene is growing a lot, with an acceleration a couple of years ago ” says Fabrizio “ They have opened a series of specialized venues. We hope the trend can recover after this particular period “.

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