Moreno Cedroni’s advice for cooking tuna

Moreno Cedroni’s advice for cooking tuna

Learn how to best cook tuna with the advice of a true expert: chef Moreno Cedroni suggests recipes, condiments and how to buy it.

How is fresh tuna cooked ? The tuna is one of the favorite ingredients for summer salads and barbecues with friends. But have you ever wondered what is the best way to enjoy this fish? There are many different recipes in the world, from pasta to burgers, with or without spices, raw or cooked. In short, the techniques for cooking tuna are many but we wanted to consult an expert in seafood cuisine to understand something more. After asking him about how to cook sea bass , we again pestered chef Moreno Cedroni , owner of the restaurant La Madonnina del Pescatore in Senigallia, with questions, and here’s what he recommended.

The preparation of tuna with sesame

What’s the best way to enjoy tuna?
“ Raw or cooked only on the outside, or the tataki, which in this way has an excellent aroma of braising but remains soft inside “.

If we want to eat it raw, do we have to be careful with anisakis?
“ Yes, we have to chill the fish for 24 hours or until it reaches a temperature of -20 ° C. If you do not have the blast chiller, you can use the freezer at home but to be able to do everything in 24 hours you have to divide the fillet into small pieces of about 100 g each “.

Do you need an accompanying sauce or is it perfect natural?
“ It is a fish with a metallic flavor and therefore a condiment is required but a simple sauce is sufficient, for example a salmoriglio or another condiment based on extra virgin olive oil. Mustard also has a taste that binds well with tuna as well as a sweet and sour sauce. On the other hand, I do not recommend the classic soy sauce because it is an excellent combination but it standardizes the flavors too much “.

tuna tataki

We were talking before about tataki, a classic of Japanese cuisine. How do we prepare it?
“ In sushi bars in Japan they scald it with a high flame but there remains a smell that I don’t like. I prefer to use a non-stick pan: heat a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and then quickly pass the tuna on all sides “.

Better the pan than the grill to cook tuna?
“ For the tataki yes. If, on the other hand, we have the belly, the abdominal part of the tuna, it is better to use the grill or the oven, because they allow you to better dissolve the fats and in any case the meat remains soft “.

And for the first courses?
“ You can quickly skip the diced tuna and add it to the pasta, with a sauce like the Arrabbiata or the pizzaiola, but in my opinion it’s a shame. For first courses it is better to use canned tuna, taking care to remove the conservation oil “.

Tuna pasta recipe

Do you have a favorite tuna recipe?
“ There are so many recipes that I like. In particular, the tuna roast beef and a dish of mine that I called Tom Thumb: tuna and raw meat morsels, piadina crumbs and various sauces that smell of wood. It always excites me “.

How do we choose the tuna?
” Especially in this period it is better to check the origin of the fish: it must come from the Mediterranean (Fao 37) and not from Indonesia or the Indian Ocean (Fao 57 or 71), particularly hot and distant places, so the tuna risks not being maintained well during transportation. In addition, the meat must be bright red in color and tonic to the touch. A while ago I visited a farm in Spain, south of Barcelona, ​​where they have some very expensive but exceptional tuna. They catch it where the fish migrates in the periods when there is abundance and then keep it in the sea with nets until the moment of the orders “.

What type of tuna do you use?
“ Albacore usually. Bluefin tuna is certainly the best but it risks extinction so I thought it was better to protect it “.

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