More fruit in soft drinks: the law says so

More fruit in soft drinks: the law says so

The percentage of orange juice in soft drinks will rise from 12 to 20 percent: the increase was decided by law.

From 12 to 20 percent: the percentage of orange juice that must be contained in soft drinks produced in Italy and sold with the name of the citrus fruit juice or with the name that recalls it rises by law .a fair recognition of the highest quality beveragesIn fact, the provision that provides for more fruit in bottles has entered into force today and which, as Coldiretti also states, helps to offer fair recognition to higher quality drinks, reducing the use of artificial flavors and sugar in the orange-based drinks that we usually use. find in supermarkets, bars and outlets. “ The increase in the percentage – commented Roberto Moncalvo, president of Coldiretti – concretely improves the quality of food and reduces health costs due to the rapidly increasing diseases associated with obesity ”.

Orange juice

According to Coldiretti, this increase would also have an economic impact on agricultural businesses: more fruit in soft drinks means more citrus fruits used (equal to about 200 million kilos more of oranges per year) and the possibility of saving over ten thousand hectares of Italian citrus groves. , especially between Sicily and Calabria. “ To date – concludes the association – for each orange soda sold on the shelves at 1.3 euros per liter, farmers are only awarded 3 cents for the oranges contained, completely insufficient to cover the costs of production and harvesting. A situation that feeds an intolerable chain of exploitation that affects workers, farmers and processors who are careful to respect the rules “.

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