Milan: the Rebelot will never be the same from tomorrow

Milan: the Rebelot will never be the same from tomorrow

The Rebelot, a well-known and appreciated place along the Naviglio di Milano, changes chef: this is why we will miss the old Rebelot very much.

In Milan there is  a bar where you can eat . A place similar to many others but absolutely different from all: Rebelot  (ripa di Porta Ticinese, 55). Initially it was born as the younger brother of a historic restaurant that wrote history on the Navigli and Navigli.the milan rebelot changes management and chefHe was immediately able to create a sparkling and stimulating atmosphere where the raw material met a pinch of madness. The offer, greedy and intriguing, has always brilliantly combined the hospitality model (typical of a familiar and no-frills environment) with the quality of the raw materials and the stimulating presentation of new combinations, new flavors and new ideas. The exposed bricks have told of an old tavern, but also of an old country house, perhaps of grandparents. Thus the wooden tables and that wonderful counter, a casket of avant-garde cocktails designed to be appreciated also at the table, have made the Rebelot a young, informal and international format.

Matteo Monti Rebelot Ok

The bar where you eat was actually there, there is n’t . I don’t know what it will become but it will certainly never be the same again from tomorrow April 19th, when Matteo Monti will be gone. I don’t know if the environment will change and if there will be a new idea of ​​a place, but for sure there will no longer be that awareness of courage, of risk, that Matteo Monti had given him. We will lose a cuisine full of nuances and refinement that Matteo had taught all of us gourmands to appreciate, beyond the patterns of trendy cuisine. It will be impossible to emulate his jovial ability to make every customer participate in his culinary design. Sympathy, inspiration, availability literally made me fall in love with his cooking philosophy, a little romantic and full of generosity.


One evening at dinner Matteo said to me: “ I would like Rebelot to always remain a dynamic, young, modern, high-level place but without classifications and above all borderline, it has always been my passion! That’s right, I built it slowly on my head from the first moment I entered it and then I saw it materialized! “I hope he can soon find another nest where his thoughts can grow, with the same crazy spirit that sets him apart. I wish Matteo, his boys and the new project the best of luck. The fact remains that that refuge, adored and coveted on every visit to Milan, will no longer exist. In some ways, in my opinion, know that we will be a little poorer. From tomorrow .

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