McDonald’s will call his vegan burger McPlant

McDonald’s will call his vegan burger McPlant

From 2021 McDonald’s will market the McPlant, a completely vegetable and vegan burger with an obviously plant-based meatball.

McDonald’s announced that the plates are hot behind the fast food counters to give life to the chain’s first plant-based burger . Surprise surprise, it will be called McPlant .to taste the mcplant we will have to wait until 2021The sandwich ” created by McDonald’s for McDonald’s” will be added to menus in 2021 . There are several surprising elements in this announcement. First: McDonald’s has finally decided to come to terms with the fact that vegans and omnivores in search of 100% vegetable products exist. As Kelsey Piper writes on Vox, ” 40 percent of Americans have eaten a completely plant-based product in the past year . ” Today, the global meat substitute market is worth $ 4.6 billion and continues to grow. It is estimated that by 2024 this will reach over 6 billion dollars. After watching impassively White Castle and his sandwich made with Impossible Foods products , Chipotle and its burrito with tofu -based sofritas , the Rebel Whopper from Burger King , Del Taco, KFC and Qdoba, even McDonald’s has decided to join the fray. 

Second: the news of the McPlant’s release silences the rumors of an elusive agreement between the Golden Arch brand and the plant-based meat brand Beyond Meat . This marriage has nothing to do, as Ian Borden, McDonald’s International President himself explains: “ In the future [the name] McPlant will be able to extend to a range of plant-based products including burgers, chicken substitutes and breakfast sandwiches. “ , said Borden.

And we come to the most curious point of history: the name . Calling the new all-vegetable burger McPlant puts a whole new label on the market. The names of fake meat products had always remained very vague. After the European Parliament’s decision to keep the hamburger names next to products that have nothing of ham or meat, McDonald’s gets its hands on a little word – plant – which in fact transforms the semantic vegetable universe into a piece of this multinational. 

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