Marshmallow flavored Pepsi is born

Marshmallow flavored Pepsi is born

Pepsi and Peeps, a confectionery company, have teamed up to create a drink to celebrate Easter: a marshmallow-flavored Pepsi.

In the States they combined one of their own. Pepsi and Peep , a well-known brand of marshmallow , have teamed up to create a welcome drink for spring. What was born was what many have renamed Peepsi . You can’t buy it, you can only win it. In fact, the cans available in 3 colors – pink, yellow and blue – are given as a gift to those who participate in the contest designed by the two companies: to celebrate spring while respecting social distancing. You need to portray a pose that respects the theme, posting it on Twitter or Instagram, tagging Pepsi and including the hashtags #HangingWithMyPeeps and #PepsiSweepstakes . But what does Marshmallow Pepsi taste like?

There are those who have tried it. As reported by Delish , the tasting revealed something expected, but also something disconcerting. What can a marshmallow Pepsi taste like ? When you open the can it feels like you are in front of a traditional Pepsi with just a hint of sweetness. At the first sip, the taste buds are stunned by the caramel flavor , as if instead of a drink, it seems to have taken a sip of a very traditional marshmallow.

However, as Delish’s Kristin Salaky explains , the flavor of Pepsi doesn’t succumb to the added sugar. But he confesses that he would certainly not drink one a day .

Pepsi is no stranger to these bold pairings. A few months ago the drink was reformulated to reproduce the Apple Pie and Hot Cocoa flavor . Again, the burst of sweetness can leave the taste buds slightly dizzy. In 2017 it was the turn of cinnamon Pepsi, also known as Pepsi Fire . Is there a limit to the imagination – and to the taste – of the company’s fencing masters?

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