Less waste and more local: the new eating habits of Italians

Less waste and more local: the new eating habits of Italians

The research carried out by Altroconsumo shows how our eating habits have changed after the pandemic. Here’s how and why.

We are more careful not to waste food, we prefer to buy local and environmentally sustainable and we have rediscovered the love for cooking at home. In short, we are no longer the same as before. A survey by Altroconsumo , the results of which were presented during the Food Journalism Festival in Turin, photographs our restart and post Covid eating habits .

Research data

According to the survey, conducted on a sample of consumers aged between 25 and 79 years , distributed as the general population with respect to gender, age and geographical area, the 23% of the people – or 1 in 4 – has claimed to cook at home more often than in the pre-Covid era . And not only that: 17% of respondents also said they actually waste less food and pay much more attention to sustainability (30%) and provenance (27%).

In fact, it was not only us that changed, but also the places where we shop. The 19% of the sample is thus represented to turn more frequently to neighborhood shops , like food and shops, while 14% are making greater use the Internet to do their shopping. Furthermore, after the lockdown phase, we brought the long-life foods back to the shelves. They are, in fact, on the same levels as pre-Covid. As 90% of respondents stated, the purchase of this type of product has returned to the same previous frequency.

Other aspects make us prefer one product to another, according to the survey, are greater attention paid to the health (+ 19%) and nutritional (+ 14%) properties of food. Overall, one in five respondents (20%) believe their eating habits are healthier today than before the Covid-19 pandemic. Among young people between 25 and 34, this percentage rises further and is equal to 32%. While cost, on the other hand, is the item that 17% of the people involved in our survey now take into consideration most.

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