Law Decree January 2021, what are the new rules

A new Law Decree was signed on the evening of January 5: new rules from 7 to 15 of the month, but Friday 8 is expected for the division into zones.

The holiday period is over but not that of the restrictions caused by the Cororonavirus epidemic. As already in various European countries, also in Italy the Government – through a new Decree Law approved on the evening of January 5 – intervened to regulate the days immediately following January 6.

From 7 to 15 January

Between 7 and 15 January inclusive, the ban on moving between regions or autonomous provinces, including to go to second homes, remains in force throughout Italy , as well as the ban on moving between 22 and 5 in the morning . Work, necessity or health reasons are an exception and the return to one’s residence, domicile or home is always guaranteed: returning home after the Christmas holidays is therefore foreseen and possible. Bars and restaurants, pastry shops and ice cream parlors can resume administration activities at the premises until 6 pm , while the shops can remain open until 8 pm, including those in shopping centers.

For visits to relatives and friends , the movement allowed is within the municipal area (and therefore no longer regional) once a day between 5 and 22 for a maximum of two people (in addition to those already living in the house to which you move). To these two are added children under 14 and disabled or non self-sufficient people. For small municipalities – below 5,000 inhabitants – the movement has a maximum radius of 30 km in place of the municipal border, and cannot be directed to the provincial capital.

Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 January: orange zone

Furthermore, on 9 and 10 January , the orange zone returns (article 2 of the DPCM 3 December 2020 ): movements are limited within the Municipality in which you are located in the time slot 5:00 – 22:00, without prejudice to exceptions for reasons of work, necessity and health. Furthermore, for those who are in a center with fewer than 5,000 inhabitants, there is still the possibility of moving within a radius of 30 km, however excluding the provincial capital. Food shops and basic necessities shops remain open, while bars and restaurants can only take away (until 10pm) and home .

The new division into zones

For what will happen from 11 January onwards in relation to the possible division of Italy into red, orange and yellow areas as already experienced in November and December, we will have to wait for Friday 8 January , the date on which the data of the last monitoring of the epidemic by the Ministry of Health. Unfortunately, the dates for schools are more fragmented and change from region to region, while for cinemas, theaters, gyms and clubs there is talk of postponed reopening to the end of January.

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