KFC launches the meatless chicken burger

KFC launches the meatless chicken burger

Sold out for the Imposter Burger, KFC’s new vegan chicken sandwich: that’s what it’s all about.

Not even the time to put it on the market which has already disappeared. The Imposter burger , the meatless chicken burger from the colossus Kentucky Fried Chicken , was launched as a test only in recent days in London, Bristol and the Midlands. But it’s already over. The fillet – contained in the sandwich together with herbs, spices, lettuce and vegan mayonnaise – is made from a meat substitute, called quorn , from the British company of the same name, which for some years has also been selling its products in our country.

KFC has decided to include the new product in its menu given the ever increasing number of people who choose to adopt a vegan or vegetarian diet . And the novelty has aroused a lot of curiosity,has had sales figures never seen beforeby recording sales figures never seen before: + 500% more turnover than a normal restaurant in the chain. It is certainly not the first time that a fast food restaurant has been riding the vegetarian wave that is spreading all over the world. Before KFC, among others, McDonald’s, which in April in Germany started the sales of soy and wheat-based burgers with meatballs, and Del Taco, which in the USA launched Beyond Taco , with the Beyond Meat burger.

What the company did not expect – or at least not so fast – was to achieve success of this scale. “ We knew – explained Victoria Robertson, senior innovation leader of KFC – that there were many people interested in the Imposter, but we had not foreseen this phenomenal response ”. Now, to taste the non-chicken chicken sandwich again , we will have to wait for the new supplies , which will arrive only on July 2nd . Prepare the pounds: it takes 2.99.

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