Keglevich launches the #aNoiCheStiamoUniti initiative, toast from a distance

Keglevich launches the #aNoiCheStiamoUniti initiative, toast from a distance

Keglevich launches the remote toast initiative on social networks, with the hashtag #aNoiCheStiamoUniti and involves the whole world.

Who would have thought that a simple walk, a pizza with friends, a chat at the bar, a night at the pub would have become great desires and, for the moment, impossible. a toast from a distance to feel unitedThe Coronavirus emergency and the quarantine have completely overturned the daily geometries, moving us away from the normality common to all. And perhaps, on the other hand, teaching us to appreciate the smallest pleasures and not to take anything for granted. Starting from the small pleasures we miss so much, the creative agency Leagas Delaney, in collaboration with the Friendz platform, created the #aNoiCheStiamoUniti social campaign for Keglevich , a well-known brand producing vodka , launched a few days ago on Instagram.

A toast from a distance

“ To us Italians who do not allow ourselves to be discouraged; to us who all together will make it; to us who, even though we are each at home, have never felt so close; to us who do not lose the desire to toast together and support each other “: these are the words that present and characterize the social campaign #aNoiCheStiamoUniti, with which Keglevich aims to involve as many people as possible and shorten these mandatory distances which it’s really hard to get used to. How to participate? Just make a toast . That is, to perform, albeit virtually, one of the gestures we love most and which best recall the idea of ​​conviviality. Of freedom, one would add in these times. However, to be more precise it should bepublish on Instagram two shots in which the glasses appear raised and that when juxtaposed seem to touch . As if the distances were canceled, in fact.

Hundreds of photos from the most diverse places

Keglevich’s campaign has already involved numerous Internet users, people who have not lost the desire to share a cheer even only through social media . And it’s really nice to see: the hashtag #aNoiCheStiamoUniti leads to hundreds of photos taken in the most disparate places. Hundreds of hands, belonging to men and women of all ages; hundreds of glasses, different drinks – wine triumphs, but there is no shortage of spirits and aperitifs – and above all different backgrounds. Here, it is the latter who restore the image of an Italy that is proving to be truly united. Whether it’s a big city, a country, a countryside, a seaside or mountain location, in the North, in the Center or in the South, the message is the same: you stay at home. At least for a little while longer. There’s timeuntil the end of April to participate in this initiative , adding the tag @KeglevichItalia.

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