Journey to Italian breweries: Toccalmatto

Journey to Italian breweries: Toccalmatto

Toccalmatto, a craft brewery in Fidenza, is about to turn 10: we met Bruno Carilli to let us tell the story.

Leading brewery of the Italian craft movement, Toccalmatto is the creature of Bruno Carilli , who since 2008 has been able to conquer the hearts, and above all the palates, of enthusiasts and neophytes: over 120 beers produced in these nine years, testifying to the restless creativity by the dawn of the 10th anniversary, tapalmatto joined caulier and added a Roman base2017 will be remembered as the turning point for Toccalmatto: at the end of July he joined Caulier , welcoming this well-known Belgian beer firm that previously brassa from De Proef to its Fidenza plant. The two brands will remain commercially separate but will share the manufacturing plant. The birth of the new partnership has in fact transformed into the offer and positioning also 28 Gastronomic Brewery  (via Flaminia, 525), a Roman restaurant already under the Caulier brand: 20 proposals on tap, menu combined with beers made with excellent raw materials and large spaces which will often host beer-themed events and dinners. We met Bruno Carilli in the renewed Roman base of Toccalmatto and, in view of the next decade, we made ittell the story of the brewery in ten beers .

re hop

The first beer produced
The first beer made by Toccalmatto was the Re Hop: it was the first batch of the old plant and the first of the new one. The recipe dates back to when I was a homebrewer, so I made it at home. It is a clear, drinkable, very dry with a citrusy hop thanks to the Cascade hops: it is an American Pale Ale but in reality it is a hybrid because there is also the Saaz which is a classic Bohemian noble hop and another Polish hop that her name is Marynka.

Bruno Carilli’s favorite Toccalmatto beer
My favorite is the Stray Dog: I’ve always loved English-style beers like this one which is a Bitter. Moreover, it was a very innovative beer, made in 2010: it was one of the first in Europe in which Citra was used, a hop now very famous and very successful in recent times. Moreover, Stray Dog was for over 3 consecutive years first in the ranking among the Bitter Ale on Ratebeer, the most famous beer rating site in the world. In short, I love it because I like it but also because it has given me great satisfaction.

beer-shop- touchalmatto

The beer that Bruno Carilli regretted having produced
I regretted making a juicy , therefore a recent regret. I brewed this beer with the latest generation American lactose and yeast from Vermont. I did it for whim and creativity but in the end I regretted it because it is not a genre that I love and therefore it is no longer in production.

Toccalmatto beer for true beer nerds
Toccalmatto was born out of passion and in our environment it is known for creative beers, there isn’t just one. The most extreme was probably a Russian Imperial Stout spent for a year in Sagrantino barrels and then aged in bottles with a spirit design.

The Toccalmatto beer most loved by women
In Rome, women also drink IPAs, more generally the fair sex prefers beers that are not too hoppy and the Blanche style is among the most popular, like our fairly classic Ambrosia but with the addition of zest of bergamot.

The Italian beer that Bruno Carilli would have liked to conceive and make
Mah… Probably the Extraomnes Zest of my friend and enemy Schigi . It’s a hopped Saison with Citra. I have produced many beers of this style, Schigi arrived a moment later but he made this masterpiece.


The best gastronomic combination with a Toccalmatto beer
During some tastings with dangerous friends it emerged that certain very resinous and balsamic hops go very well with extreme cheeses, such as aged gorgonzola, Stilton etc. We paired the Surfing Hop with a buffalo blue cheese; the combination was so successful that I thought, with my friend Paolo Leone who is an expert, to refine this cheese in the beer in question. This is how Surfing Blu was born, which we also serve in the Rome club and which also won prizes such as first place in the world championship in Paris three years ago and a silver medal this year.

The Toccalmatto beer that the market has not understood
Dark and low-alcohol beers are certainly not understood. An example is the Cafè Racer, a very good 4 degree dry stout, made with the coffee of Massimo Bonini of Lady Cafè, which is now our supplier of 28 Gastronomic Breweries as well as other Roman places specialized in high quality blends such as Pergamino.


The beer that made Bruno Carilli and his brewery
La Zona Cesarini famous is our most famous and best-selling beer, innovative and with its own character. Also in this case we invented the style, we could call it a Pacific India Pale Ale because the hops come from Japan, New Zealand and the west coast of the United States.

The next beer, a preview for the readers of Agrodolce
We will make a beer in collaboration that will come out with the brand 28, that is the more craft and young line of Caulier, starting from our Tabula Rasa, a more hoppy Saison, but instead of hops we will use yuzu , a Japanese wild citrus that we already use for another beer in the form of zest and concentrated juice.

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