It’s finally time for the Roma Bar Show

It’s finally time for the Roma Bar Show

The first edition of Roma Bar Show is coming, the international event entirely dedicated to the world of beverage not to be missed.

Here we are. Last details to fix for the event dedicated to the world of bars, cocktails and bartenders and then off we go. The Roma Bar Show , first edition, is about to arrive at Palazzo dei Congressi at Eur on 23 and 24 September , with the idea of ​​fully enhancing the activities of the spirit industry and beverage in Italy. Exhibitors, top players, mixologists, will talk about market and consumption trends. But not only. There will be their cocktails, more or less alcoholic, but also beer, coffee, spirits and all the tools and knowledge related to the mixing sector. To prepare you well, let’s proceed with a recap by points.


  1. Seminars.  With free admission, with 8 international key speakers who will alternate on the stage of the Auditorium Capitalis , the theme of mixing will be discussed together according to their own experiences. Among these, Cocktail Trends & Innovation , with Simone Caporale and Marian Beke, promoted by Grappa Nonino, but also the rum told in Sugar Cane , with Ian Burrell and Luca Gargano. While the healthy lifestyle in the world of hospitality will instead be at the center of Wellbeing & Moderation , with Camille Vidal de La Maison Wellness and Roberta Mariani, Global Brand Ambassador Martini.
  2. The RBS Academy laboratories. They will explore techniques and trends in the history, tradition and innovation of mixing . Among the protagonists who will speak Antonio Parlapiano of Jerry Thomas Speakeasy, who will explain the techniques and secrets of ten iconic drinks ; Filippo Sisti who will talk  about the Synergy between bar and kitchen, knowledge and logic in the mixing of Talea cocktail bar in Milan and Flavio Angiolillo with Around the world sitting at the counter of Iter .
  3. Masterclass.  They will focus on Italian excellence . It starts with the Vermouth di Torino Superiore Gamondi, then moves on to the Vecchia Romagna method and the Riserva in Tre Botti, but also from the rosoli, low alcohol content liqueurs, produced by the Sicilian artisan liquor factory Giardini d’Amore and the Anice Secco Varnelli.
  4. Thematic areas.  There will be the Mexico Village , which with agave distillates will tell the traditions linked to this land, thanks to a Mexican-style cocktail bar with guest bartenders from different realities on the international scene; there will be a Gin Area , thanks to the collaboration with it will involve Italian and international Gin producers. And there will be the suggestive Terrace of the Palazzo dei Congressi with its splendid viewpoint that embraces the entire city of Rome where the Italian aperitif will be celebrated with a series of events.
  5. Food area.  Our Agrodolce editorial team has selected some realities of our local cuisine, which will be present with a series of food trucks . Honoring the capital there will be Pizza Pig, with its hot stuffed Roman pizza, and Gricia Road, with traditional Lazio first courses in a street food version. Then La Panella, with the specialties of Sicilian cuisine, the meatballs all the flavors of Pret-a-polpett and the slowly smoked meat of Mr Doyle.
  6. Competition and celebrations.  Among the initiatives scheduled is the Italian final of  The Vero Bartender , a cocktail competition by Montenegro which will take place on Tuesday 24 September . As well as the arrival of La Classica 2019  cycling event promoted by Martini Racing, which this year will see its conclusion at the Roma Bar Show involving bartender cyclists from all over the world. In this first appointment, then, the event will celebrate the Centenary of the Negroni, declined in the interpretations of representative Italian bartenders.
  7. Outside the living room.  Roma Bar Show will not only be at Eur, but will see the whole city as its protagonist , starting from Sunday 22. In fact, the international guest bartenders will alternate, with dedicated menus, behind the counters of Jerry Thomas Speakeasy, La Punta Expendio de Agave, Brakes and Clutches, Hotel Locarno, Drink Kong, Aquaroof Terrazza Molinari of the First Hotel, Argot, Club Derrière, Banana Republic, Baccano, Metropolita, Chorus Cafè and many others. The itinerary, which is easy to follow, will be entirely downloadable in a map from the TuDrink app, which will guide you in the Fuori Salone and will tell you what will be in each venue participating in the circuit.

For more information you can consult the  site . The opening is scheduled from 10 to 21 . The cost of the day ticket is 20 euros, an amount that rises to 30 for the two-day ticket.

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