Italy Beer Week, an online event to support craft beer

Italy Beer Week, formerly the Craft Beer Week, makes its debut in 2021 from 22 to 28 March with a digital event.

The appointment with the largest widespread Italian event dedicated to craft beer is back: from Monday 22 March to Sunday 28 the Italy Beer Week is staged . The 2021 edition is the eleventh and the news are many, starting with the name. For a decade, in fact, the event was called Craft Beer Week: a change of denomination that also includes an evolution of the contents, with initiatives designed for a more mature market and suited to the current health situation.

In support of the craft beer sector

After years of strong growth and in sharp contrast to other sectors of the national economy, the Craft Beer sector in Italy is faced, for the first time, with a contraction in consumption caused by the restrictions applied to pubs, businesses catering and large events . The aim of the seven days organized by Cronache di Birra, website and newspaper, has always been to promote the knowledge and culture of quality beer. This year the main intent is to provide support, in terms of visibility, to the beer movement.

Events and promotions

Tastings , public cooking, meetings with brewers, tap takeovers, presentations of new beers, webinars, direct on social networks and more: as always, joining clubs, breweries and associations is free, just register your business and then report events or promotions on the Italy Beer Week website. For their part, users can search for initiatives based on location and date. “ Craft beer is no longer a niche product to be discovered by the general public. There are many habitual drinkers, more and more demanding and eager to follow the evolutions of a world in constant turmoil ”says Andrea Turco, editorial director of Cronache di Birra.

This year many of the activities promoted by the members will inevitably take on an exclusively digital role . ” By force of circumstances we found ourselves accelerating a rethinking of the format that was already planned – says Salvatore Cosenza, organizer of the event together with Andrea Turco – Online activities will be many but for many of them a real interaction is expected, thanks to sending beers directly to the homes of enthusiasts “. A striking example is the Home Edition of the Debutante’s Ball.

The Debutante Ball

The annual festival dedicated to unpublished Italian beers, which usually marks the beginning of the entire brewing event, has taken on a new guise, live streaming with the brewers involved will be organizedwith the creation of a box containing 13 new beers from as many producers, which can be purchased on the 1001birre website . “ The Ball has always been the“ kick-off ”of the Week, a long-awaited appointment to taste the novelties of the Italian breweries. Without changing its spirit, we made it usable from the comfort of home ”comments Andrea Turco. Among the 13 novelties, in the box there is also the debutante’s debutante or the new beer of the winner of the Lallemand Prize, dedicated to producers who have started the business in the last year. During the Italy Beer Week, live streaming will be organized with the 13 brewers involved. In this regard, here is the calendar of the most interesting events .

  • Monday 22 . From Craft Beer to Craft Distillery the step is short – Webinar by Easybräu Velo in collaboration with Craft Distilling Italy on distillation, intended as a new opportunity for craft breweries. O pear Baladin’s “gastronomic beer” – Presentation with Teo Musso, patron of the historic Piedmontese brewery. Live on Baladin’s Facebook page from 6.30 pm
  • Tuesday 23 . Perfect Strangers: how to combine beers with everyday gastronomic excellences (from Parmigiano Reggiano to Buffalo Mozzarella from Campania) – Free online event with the taster Roberto Muzi on the facebook page of the Italy Beer Week. Ancestral fascinations. Between raw ale and barrel passages – Live tasting of 4 beers from the Debutante Ball with their respective producers. Present the brewers of Arbareska, Eternal City Brewing, Il Mastio, Rebeers. Streaming on the Italy Beer Week page from 7.45 pm.
  • Wednesday 24 . Back to the Future. Extreme and modern hops – Live tasting of 3 Debutante Ball beers with their respective producers. Present the brewers of Liquida, Birra dell’Eremo, Godog. Streaming on the Italy Beer Week page from 7.45 pm. 25 years of craft beer – Live online with the protagonists of the sector. A virtual visit to the Italian breweries, streamed from 8.00 pm on the Unionbirrai Facebook page.
  • Thursday 25 . Tasting of the beers of the Monkey Style line of Mastri Birrai Umbri – tasting of three beers led by the Master Brewer Michele Sensidoni and Mauro Pellegrini, President of Unione Degustatori Birre. Appointment at 18:30, on the Facebook page of Mastri Birrai Umbri.
  • Friday 26 . Live public crush – A full day marathon organized in collaboration with Easybräu Velo, live streaming from the Ritual Lab brewery. Topics related to production and plant, tasting and new trends in the brewing scene will be explored, with interventions of other brewers and industry experts. Live on the Italy Beer Week Facebook page. Just enough. Bitter beers but not too much – Live tasting of 3 beers from the Debutante Ball with their respective producers. Present the brewers of Stimalti, Torre Mozza, Babylon. Streaming on the Italy Beer Week page from 7.45 pm.
  • Saturday 27 . Not just hops. Spices, fruit and roots – Live tasting of 3 beers from the Debutante Ball with their respective producers. Present were the brewers of Radiocraft Brewery, Boia Brewing Co. and La Casa di Cura. Streaming on the Italy Beer Week page from 7.45 pm.
  • Sunday 28 . Virtual pub crawl – Direct facebook with Andrea Turco, Salvatore Cosenza: a virtual tour of the pubs participating in the Italy Beer Week.

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