Italian passions: 9 footballers lent to the world of wine

Italian passions: 9 footballers lent to the world of wine

In Italy, the passions for wine and football are strong and some unite them: here are 9 Serie A footballers who produce wine.

football team to make your head spin. Not only for the talent of the individual components but for the added value that each player brings with him: the bottles of wine from his cellars. Many Serie A champions , having left the turf of the football field, have chosen to move on to the barren soil of the vineyards where they see their grapes grow. Among the excellent names we find coaches like Luciano Spalletti and Alberto Malesani and footballers like Andrea Pirlo, Paolo Rossi, Damiano Tommasi. A dream team in the sign of Bacchus, all to be discovered.


  1. luciano spallettiLuciano Spalletti , like a good Tuscan (he is from Certaldo), knows and appreciates wine. When he bought the La Rimessa holiday home in Montaione, transforming it into a luxury farmhouse, he immediately took the ball, given the presence of the vineyard, and decided to produce his red:  Bordocampo IGT Toscana 2015 , produced with Sangiovese and Merlot grapes. . Annual production 10 thousand bottles. The adventure did not stop there as a restaurant called Osteria del Calcio-FFB also opened in the center of Florence with two players.
  2. andreapirlo-vinoAndrea Pirlo , one of the most talented Italian midfielder with a thrilling record, is preparing to bid farewell to football on May 21 with a match at San Siro. Its future is already sealed. Having closed his experience in football, he will return home, on the outskirts of Brescia, where he has dedicated himself to wine production for 10 years. Pratum Coller  is an organic company. He has two reds, a rosé and a white vinified with Trebbiano di Lugana, signed IGP Montenetto di Brescia. Annual production of about 25 thousand bottles.
  3. paolo-rossiPaolo Rossi , the 1982 World Cup bomber, now a TV commentator, does not escape the call of the earth. In the Poggio Cennina resort that he owns in Bucine, not far from Arezzo, he dedicates himself to the production of wine together with his partner Luigi Pelaggi. Here, in Val D’Ambra it produces Borgo Cennina , a red with selected Sangiovese grapes and with small quantities of Merlot and Cabernet. For the vinification Rossi relies on wineries in the area.
  4. buffon-wineThe goalkeeper of Juve and the national team, Gigi Buffon has launched a new adventure in Salento in the company of the entrepreneur Fabio Cordella. The name Buffon appears on a Primitivo del Salento ; annual production is around 30 thousand bottles. The idea came from Cordella himself who thought of creating the Selection of Champions with other bottles that bear the name of football stars and to involve the goalkeeper.
  5. Malaysian-wineAlberto Malesani , after beautiful pages of football with Parma in the late nineties and ups and downs on the bench in more recent times, since 2015 he has dedicated himself to the La Giuva farm in Veronese with his family. Its wines focus on organic and are produced with grapes from native vines of the area. They respond to the name of Valpo, Rientro, Amarone and Recioto.
  6. barzagliAndrea The Wall Barzagli , from Juve and the National team to bottles of wine. He is a partner of a Sicilian farm, Le Casematte . He chose to return to the island that had brought so much luck to his football career, for a wine that looks far away. The company, which focuses on organic, produces the Faro Doc, in addition to Rosematte, Peloro both red and white.
  7. damiano-tommasiThe future of Damiano Tommasi was already marked , outside the locker room, for the former Roma and National team midfielder and now president of the Italian Footballers’ Association. Originally from Valpolicella, he chose to return home to devote himself to his other great passion: wine. In the San Micheletto estate 17 a Valpolicella Ripasso Doc and Anima Candida, Amarone Docg, are born. The first is a tribute to the jersey number worn in the years of Roma, the other is the nickname that the speaker of the Olimpico Carlo Zampa had given him.
  8. alessandro-gamberiniChievo defender Alessandro Gamberini is among the players who have chosen to invest the earnings of a life as a football player in tourist accommodation activities. He has a company in San Leolino, near Bucine, which is called  Casariccio . There are three labels: Casariccio, a Chianti Docg, Igt il Cinque (sangiovese, cabernet and merlot) which takes its name from the Gamberini shirt number in Chievo and the table wine La Fonte.
  9. dainelliDario Dainelli is already in the catering sector, being in partnership with Mr. Spalletti and his colleague Alberto Gilardino in the Osteria del calcio-FFB in Florence: a restaurant where you can eat among the memorabilia of football champions. Here it is possible to taste his Red , a pure Sangiovese.

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