Is it worth paying a lot for a gourmet pizza?

Is it worth paying a lot for a gourmet pizza?

From cheap food, pizza has become the favorite canvas of gourmets and chefs for expensive ingredients and futuristic techniques: is it worth it?

Without bothering Renato Viola’s infamous 8,300-euro Louis XIII or Dino Forlin’s 2000 Figazza Luxury , it is nevertheless peaceful to think about how quickly pizza has gone from poor food par excellence to a rich dish the prerogative of the rich .the gourmet pizza of important chefs and pizza makers has become an expensive dishIn fact, if not too many years ago a classic margherita was within the reach of any pocket – the exchange rate with the euro did not help us, exceeding the doubling of the base price – today the question has become even more different. You want extreme attention to the doughs and toppings, you want the product, which by its nature is a horse to keep betting on, you want the skill of the many pizza chefs, eating pizza today no longer means just eating a pizza . If we then add the reputation of those who propose it – pizza maker, chef or entrepreneur – well, the music changes again. But the question always remains the same: is it really worth it?

Any newspaper, not magazine or newspaper, this summer found itself having to deal with Flavio Briatore and his ambitions as a food entrepreneur: with his Crazy Pizza opened in London, Monte Carlo, Porto Cervo, in which he proposed the daisy for 25 euros . Not very inviting and not too good, according to those who have tasted it.

But Briatore didn’t arrive until after a slew of others, certainly more titled, who slipped an expensive pizza into their menu. Another case that has depopulated and has recently reappeared is that of Carlo Cracco . We always talk about margherita, a pizza that is a thermometer of the goodness of any place, which the Milanese chef offers in his restaurant in the Galleria in Milan at the price of 20 euros . Also stumbled by the harsh criticism of consumers and users for price, taste and shape, also on the occasion of a recent initiative against food waste.

Nothing to do, however, with the famous tonda di Sirani in Brescia , the 4 + 4 with scampi corona and prawns carabineros: price to users 95 euros . Followed by the 60-gram menu , Calvisius caviar and Normandy butter: 90 euros .

In light of these numbers, let’s take the daisy as a reference and evaluate again: is it worth it? Maybe once. Quality pizzas are truly found at every latitude of the boot at a still reasonable price, just search. Let’s give you an example, without looking like advertising: in the newly crowned best pizzeria of 50 Top Pizza I Masanielli the margherita still costs 5.5 euros , which double if you choose the version of the future. You will say that certainly the price also creates exclusivity. We will say that it depends: all that glitters is not always gold .

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