Is beer at risk of extinction?

Is beer at risk of extinction?

Drought and heat are putting a strain on barley crops: this could lead to a drastic reduction in the availability of beer.

The ongoing climate change could one day deprive us of even a good mug of beer . Drought and heat , in fact,drought and heat are ruining barley cropsare putting a strain on barley crops , the main ingredient of the brewing product, and the situation could further worsen in the future, leading to a drastic drop in production by 2099. This is confirmed by a study published in the journal Nature Plants , a research elaborated in collaboration between Peking and California Universities. According to scientists, in times of water scarcity and extreme temperatures, barley production drops dramatically.


To understand to what extent, the researchers developed a model , capable of providing different scenarios according to different climatic situations: depending on the degree of drought and temperatures, the drop in production could fluctuate from 3 to 17 percent, with a sharp decrease in the availability of beer and the consequent increase in the price of the drink , depending on the country and the alcoholic habits of the inhabitants.


One of the countries at risk, the authors warn, would be Ireland : in 2099 a pint could increase in price from a minimum of 43 to a maximum of 338 times as much, depending on the severity of the event. Although less used to blondes, in the event of a substantial change, we Italians too may have to pay almost 4 euros more for a pint of beer.

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