In the province of Udine there is the first shared brewery

In the province of Udine there is the first shared brewery

The craft brewery 620 steps in Marano Lagunare is the first shared brewery in Italy where everyone can be members to grow together.

There is something new that will certainly capture the attention of beerlovers: the first shared craft brewery was born . A daring initiative by the 620 Passi Brewery , which is based in Marano Lagunare, a small town in the province of Udine , and which since its inception – in 2015 – has operated in the name of sustainability . The team, which includes the Master Brewer (as well as founder of the company) and 3 engineers, has decided to undertake the path ” to become – we read on the official website – an innovative SME, which certifies the software that allows us to continuously monitor our environmental performance. We have decided to share this wonderful experience with all of you ”.

The goal and the benefits

The 620 Passi Brewery aims to bring to Italy a commercial model relating to the craft beer sector that has already been successfully tested in other European and non-European countries. It is about creating a community of enthusiasts to be directly involved in the activity and who can enjoy a series of advantages including access to exclusive conditions (i.e. discounts) for the purchase of beer and the preview tasting of new products . Furthermore, and this is a key step, each partner “ will have shares in the company in hand and will be able to benefit from the success we will achieve together ”.

Other reasons to invest ? The brewery makes a detailed and schematic list: highly profitable business (craft beers make more than industrial ones), easily scalable production model (the increase in production is obtained through the purchase of simple steel vats for fermentation and maturation of beer), market potential (which is constantly growing), multi-channel sales (think of the e-commerce boom generated by the lockdown, which has redefined the purchasing methods).

How to become a member

On CrowdFundMe  it started the equity crowdfunding campaign to become members must simply buy small shares , the minimum investment amounts to 250 euro . The minimum collection target is instead equal to 80 thousand euros, a figure that will be used to purchase a new packaging plant (bottles and / or cans); the maximum target is 300 thousand euros and, if it reaches it, the company will strengthen its marketing activities in order to make the brand and its operational peculiarities better known and will quickly finance the production of 3,000 hl. It is important to underline that investors will be able to deduct 50 percent of the amount paid from taxes , thanks to the company’s innovative SME status.

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