In Japan, Pizza Toast is very popular

In Japan, Pizza Toast is very popular

An alternative to pizza comes from Japan: made with sandwich bread, Pizza Toast is a simple food served in kissaten, typical local cafes.

Trends come from Japan , from milk flavored with butter, mint and chocolate , from kit kat to the most absurd tastes to places where you can eat together with cats, owls, pigs or husky dogs. Today we discover another one: the pizza toast .

What is pizza toast

Invented in the historic Cafè Benisica , opened in 1957 in Tokyo , pizza toast is one of the dishes of the kissaten , traditional Japanese bars, where generally no dishes were served but only drinks.

Now part of Japanese culture, this tasty snack is basically a thick slice of white bread (in particular the one called shokupan ), to which most of the edges are cut, covered with cheese, tomato sauce, onions and green peppers. Before serving it is heated to mix the cheese (which can be mozzarella, gouda, edam or another slightly seasoned cheese) with the other seasonings. The bread usually used to prepare pizza toast is high and soft, but it can also be replaced by the classic sandwich bread or a milk sandwich.

How to prepare it

If you are not in Japan and you want to prepare this snack, perhaps for breakfast or as an afternoon hunger breaker, just take some sandwich bread, tomato sauce, cheese of your choice, a little onion and a few pieces of pepper. green. After arranging all the ingredients on the slices of bread, the toast is put in the oven for a few minutes, until the cheese is melted well. Pizza toast can be eaten hot, accompanied by a classic Japanese matcha tea, or lukewarm, also combined with a Japanese beer or iced tea, just like in Japanese kissaten .

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