In Japan, mayonnaise is made into slices

In Japan, mayonnaise is made into slices

The Japanese company Bourbon, after the chocolate in slices, has invented the sliced ​​mayonnaise, which will soon be available in three flavors.

To give new life to classic products, you don’t really know what to invent anymore. Only in Japan could they have the imagination to give birth to a new format of one of the most classic and well-known sauces in the world: mayonnaise . This is the idea of ​​the Japanese company Bourbon, a company mostly producing sweets and biscuits: a sort of mayonnaise slice , especially dedicated to those who are so lazy that they don’t even want to spread a spoonful of mayonnaise on bread. For some time now, the company has made itself known on the market through its two-millimeter-thick square slices of chocolate , each well divided by a leaflet.

This solution for sliced ​​mayonnaise is based on the same principle used for chocolate: the sauce is solidified, cut into slices of about two millimeters thick and portioned into special dividers.the company is already thinking about flavored mayonnaise slicesEnjoying this product is not only simple but it is one of the fastest things in the world! Simply remove the slice from the plastic film and place it on a slice of bread, perhaps slightly heated in the oven or in the toaster, to prepare a snack in just a few seconds. This new line was called Easy Cooking and at the moment it only includes classic mayonnaise. However, the company is preparing to launch two other types of flavored mayonnaise on the market : the slices flavored with tuna, certainly more familiar to us, and those flavored with mentaiko , spicy cod roe.

The use of this product is certainly indicated for the lazy, but for the more willing and imaginative it is also possible to use them to create more elaborate combinations and saucers: it is the company itself, on its website, to give some suggestions. The product is available in Japanese stores starting today 2 March 2020 . We will see if sooner or later these particular slices will also land in our country.

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