In England, 55% of Chinese restaurants failed hygiene

In England, 55% of Chinese restaurants failed hygiene


A report published in The Independent newspaper on May 29, 2010 offers the ranking of the most hygienic English restaurants. At the top of the list we find the fast food chains Kfc and McDonald’s passed with flying colors with 99% and 96% of the 400 restaurants visited that passed the checks with flying colors. On the other hand, there are Chinese restaurants with an unenviable record given that 55% of the 491 places visited received a negative rating. Even 53% of the 567 kebab takeaways only deserved two stars equivalent to a shortage. In the list we also find Indians with 48% of mouthpieces related to 453 controlled restaurants. In the ranking there are over 2000 Fish and chips which however in 28% of cases did not pass the hygiene test, as well as 23% of the 123 Italian restaurants visited by the inspectors. Of course, there are different levels of failure. 33% of Chinese restaurants deserved 2 stars since these are situations where some efforts must be made to reach sufficiency while in 21% of the premises the deficiencies found are greater.

The evaluation system is also widespread in other countries such as Belgium where the Smiley system is used which is given to premises that demonstrate that they have developed a system of hygienic self-control. A similar experiment was also started in New York where, before the summer, the 24,000 restaurants in the city will have to display a sign on the door with the category to which they belong assigned by the health inspectors. There are three possibilities, the letter “A” (see opposite) affects the premises that comply with all the hygiene standards E and have emerged unscathed from the last inspection.

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