In a camper through the vineyards with Donne del Vino

In a camper through the vineyards with Donne del Vino

For the summer of 2020, the proposal of the Donne del Vino focuses entirely on eco-sustainable tourism: the holiday with a stop in a camper overlooking the vineyard.

For the summer of 2020, the proposal of the Donne del Vino focuses entirely on eco-sustainable tourism : the holiday with a stop in a camper overlooking the vineyard , in the full theme of the year dedicated to Women, Wine and the Environment . Since July, many producers have opened the doors of their cellars to tourists in caravans and campers  to offer them a one-night stop in the vineyards. It is the  Donne del Vino Camper Friendly project created together with the Italian Touring Club  which aims to bring great enology closer to those who make itinerant tourism and, traditionally, means travel as an exciting discovery that brings them into direct contact with nature, territories and people. 

There are already over 50 memberships from the Donne del Vino camper friendly wineries : the complete list can be found on the website . The initiative is also disclosed on the Italian Touring Club website and through a newsletter to the TCI cluster reserved for lovers of itinerant tourism. The idea of ​​combining hospitality for women and campers comes from the Friulian woman of wine  Elena Roppa , whom we interviewed for the occasion, asking her for some more information on the Camper Friendly project.

How did the Women of Wine deal with the lockdown and the Covid-19 situation? What strategies have been put in place to address this situation?
Le Donne del Vino, agricultural entrepreneurs, restaurateurs and freelancers, after a first normal disorientation, as has happened to everyone, quickly reinvented themselves to overcome the period and field new energies. I think of the restaurateurs and who has an agritourism business, which has home delivery. Farms, being a primary sector, can never stop – also because nature does not stop, and therefore we work constantly both in the field and to offer products to people. From the point of view of communication, many regional delegations have activated tastings or virtual meetings using platforms such as zoom or Facebook direct. The National Association itself, throughout the lockdown period, promoted videos from the vineyards of its members.FUTURE , training for young generations who want to operate in the wine sector. In this case, some Donne del Vino from all over Italy have made video tutorials that have been published on the Donne del Vino youtube channel.

What is the current situation for Italian wineries?
The current situation for the world of wine is not simple: on the one hand wine tourism, which has experienced many months of hiatus, on the other hand, the marketing of wine which has seen difficulties both for the Horeca channel and for exports. We are then at the gates of a new harvest and this certainly does not facilitate business choices and strategies, given that the warehouses are not empty.

What is the point of contact between the world of the camper and the world of wine?
The Camper Friendly project was born from the needs and requests of people: in the months of lockdown, there was still optimism for the future and people were thinking about holidays, but certainly in different ways than the previous season. Social distancing, as we know, is now a priority. Alongside this, there was also a distrust of people towards traditional tourism, in which security measures were imposed that are opposed to the concept of vacation. So what was an interesting solution? Tourism in freedom, which also became an opportunity for many people who had never rented a camper until last year! At that point it was logical to want to propose a tourist offer for this rapidly growing trend. We Women of Wine have seized this opportunity.

How was the collaboration between the Touring Club and the Donne del Vino born?
When the Camper Friendly project was born , our association surveyed the various partners in the area that could be useful in order to spread the news and inform the interested target. It was quite natural to choose Touring Club, for the values ​​that unite us such as seriousness, professionalism and a very important history behind it. Touring Club also has a solid tradition in communicating to the segment of free tourists, both in Italy and abroad.

In 2020 wine tourism seems to be confirmed as one of the growing trends for tourism and the wine sector: why?
Farms and wineries offer large open spaces and therefore wine tourism at the time of post-Covid19 can materialize more easily than other types of tourism. It must be said, then, that wine tourism and food and wine tourism in general is a consolidated reality and therefore today has very important numbers. Born as a branch of cultural tourism, today it has a distinct appearance and is no longer the prerogative of an exclusively elite tourism. Trekking in the vineyards, picnics in the meadows adjacent to the vineyards, exclusive events reserved for small groups of people, wine tourism is today a varied and highly qualified offer.

The Donne del Vino have made sharing and teamwork their strength: do you think this has brought concrete positive consequences to the work of the individual producers? How?
Teamwork is the basis of the growth of the Association, both in terms of visibility and professional development. In the last year, there has been an important increase in associates throughout Italy, and we remind you that to become a member of Donne del Vino you must be a professional in the sector and be presented by existing members, so it is not an access on request. of the single. This means that, also thanks to our association, the awareness of female professionals in the wine sector is growing and at the same time the consideration, from an external point of view, of women as a professional in the world of wine is growing.These are very important achievements in a country like Italy and above all in a sector such as agriculture, which is purely male, especially as regards leadership positions.

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