Importance of healthy food in our life

importance of healthy food in our life

Introduction to the Importance of healthy food in our life

So the Importance of healthy food in life as we know that food is very important in our life. But food processing may damage the quality of food. So, proper processing and hygiene are most important for good and health and quality of food. Food is a basic necessity. In this article, I will discuss the Importance of food, the Importance of food groups, proper processing. This article will focus on the importance of food in our daily life instead of the nutritional value of food. This website will give you complete information about food processing and it will give you recipes of all food groups and traditional foods.

What is the Importance of healthy food in our life?

As we know that food processing is necessary. Therefore, the Importance of healthy food in life very great. We can get full fill ness from foods. Carbohydrates, Protein, lipids, and fats, vitamins and minerals are major nutrients. So, These nutrients are important for the performance of different functions in our body. These nutrients are present in different food groups. For example, carbohydrates belong to cereals and grains. Protein relates to meat and pulses. As its lipids relate with fat and oils. And vitamins and minerals mostly found in fruits and vegetables.

Balance diet:

When the diet contains all food groups then it is a balanced diet. Balance diet is very important for a healthy life. It may be according to serving size. Now, the latest era is considered a plat system that is more effective than serving sizes. Our diet should not be monotonic. A monotonous diet may cause illness and deficiencies of many nutrients. So the three most important guidelines are:

  1. Food should be fresh:

Fresh food is more healthy and effective than preserved food. We should use fresh foods.

  1. Proper processing:

As we know that processing may cause a loss of nutrients from food. So, adequate and proper processing is most important to get full nutritious food.

  1. The meal should be from all the food groups:

It is most important that all food groups should be present in a meal.

Importance of food group

Importance of healthy food in life according to the food guide pyramid, 6 food groups are described. Each food group has its benefits in our body. This site will give you information about the food group’s vise. So,  According to the food guide pyramid six food groups are:

  • Fats and oils
  • Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Milk and Milk products
  • Meat and Legumes
  • Cereals

Importance of each food group describe below

Fats and Oils: Importance of healthy food in life

These are important to gain weight. And they also used for energy purposes. Each gram of fats and oils gives 9 kcal energy. So, these are used as energy purposes. Fats take time indigestion. So, these are used for full fill ness. The fate of fats in the body is fatty acids or glucose. They store in adipose tissues of the body. These are important for good quality cholesterol. That is used in the rigidity of cells.

Vegetables: Importance of healthy food in life

This food group is mostly rich in minerals and carbohydrates. It has a lot of variety. Generally, it involves to get vitamins and minerals. Minerals are most important to enhance immunity power in the body. Each mineral has its functions. Some of them are useful for wound healing. Some of them are essential for body functioning. As minerals are also important for the human body.

Fruits: Importance of healthy food in life

As vegetable fruits are also rich in minerals and vitamins. It has also a large variety. These are mostly used to get vitamins. These vitamins have a specific function in the body. These are used to heal wounds and for proper brain functioning.

Milk products: Importance of healthy food in life

Milk products have mostly fats, carbohydrates, and calcium. Calcium is very important for proper brain growth and bone growth. So, It plays an important role in the strength of bones.

Meat and legumes: Importance of healthy food in life

These are rich in protein and iron. Protein is important in the development of the body. Iron is also used for proper oxygen transformation to the body. The deficiency of protein in the body is called Protein Energy Malnutrition, and deficiency of iron in the body is called anemia.


These are a good sources of energy. They have not more functions in development. So, They are quick sources of energy.

Precaution for food processing

Food processing is also common as “Cocking”. It is a very sensitive process. Overheating may cause loss of nutrients, so, proper heating and adequate processing are very important for healthy and nutritious food.


So, the Importance of healthy food in life In light of the above discussion, we can say that healthy fresh and proper processing of food is very important for the body. This site will provide you different healthy recipes.

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