Identità Golose 2016: the foreign protagonists of the congress

Identità Golose 2016: the foreign protagonists of the congress

The strength of freedom is the theme of this edition of Identità Golose Milano, many foreign guests.

After the adventure of Expo 2015 in Milan , it was a tough challenge for Identità Golose , the congress that for 12 years has been gathering clamors and tremors of our local gastronomy: what to talk about when we have already talked about (almost) everything in food level?The strength of freedom is the theme of this edition of Identità Golose Milano, many foreign guestsWhen identity, sustainability, territory are topics that have already been heard, freedom seems a non-alien concept , and then it is easy to interpret the story of the absence of ties, not only as a creative space necessary for the profession of the cook, but also as the need for self-determination. on the plate. A receptive curiosity and the necessary openness towards the different become distinctive signs of modern cuisine: here then, aware of not identifying only what you eat but also what you welcome, the theme of IG 2016 is declined on The strength of freedom and calls to itself the most diverse voices of international gastronomy, striving to shift the debate increasingly on the involvement of the actors and the entire supply chain.



Isaac McHale
Isaac McHale


Among the many protagonists who will find themselves once again at the Congress center to address the theme of freedom, foreigners boast notable presences. We start with a very British approach with Isaac McHale and Alyn Williams : the first, in his Clove Club in London, offers English cuisine with remarkable vegetable accents that moves nimbly between Denmark, France and Italy, the second, in the London heart of Mayfair works hard on the concept of micro-seasonality, on the lightening of the dishes and on the concentration of flavors.



Josean Alija
Josean Alija


From Spain an entire team of stars reaches the city of the Madonnina to tell about their freedom with respect to a heavy legacy such as that of Ferran Adrià: Ricard Camarena , portrait of Mediterraneanism and entrepreneurship, makes the search for the concentration of flavors and the recovery of indigenous products one of the engines of their kitchens in Valencia. Josean Alija , at the Guggenhaim Museum in Bilbao, could only be the driving force behind the new popularity that research on vegetables is experiencing, sourcing directly from producers and dedicating as many as five staff members to pure research. Miguel Ángel de la Cruz, in the middle of the Castillan plain near Valladolid, he comes to tell about the sensitivity to the fruits of nature and to the seeds that have made him famous for his results, which investigate the products of the territory through the exaltation of the less obvious aspects. The team closes with the duo composed of David Gil and Ruben Gongàles , who, from the kitchens of two creatures of the Adrià brothers, tell the story of those who work to enhance the path of a master while at the same time freeing themselves from the cumbersome inheritance.

France and Denmark


matt orlando
Matt Orlando


From the rest of Europe, Matt Orlando , native Americans , will arrive in Milan , who in a concrete box in Copenhagen condenses the experiences passed between Denmark, France and America, and Richard Toix , who in the the heart of France works to free its matrix to embrace ideas from different cultures, from the American to the South-Eastern one.


Carlos Garcia

From the Americas instead a double of protagonists: from Caracas in fact comes Carlos Garcia , who in his Alto works not only for wandering gourmets, but also for the community in which the restaurant lives, dealing directly with the producers and exalting the main product with skill of Venezuela, cocoa. From the other America, however, the stars and stripes, comes Matthew Kenney , who has freed his kitchen not only of products of animal origin but also of most of the cooking processes and modification of the structure of food: he is the father of the kitchen American-style raw vegan.



Margarita Forés
Margarita Forés


Finally, unique from Asia but no less interesting, you can listen to Margarita Forés , winner of the award for Best Female Chef of Asia 2016 and a great connoisseur of our local gastronomic tradition despite the location of the restaurant being in the Philippines: a story of freedom. not only in the kitchen, but also in the approach to life with the transition from auditor to successful chef.

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