How to: prepare an Easter egg at home

How to: prepare an Easter egg at home

Following the advice of pastry chef Giambattista Giannotti we will explain step by step how to prepare an Easter egg at home and decorate it.

Every year, as Easter approaches , I stop mesmerized in front of pastry shop windows and observe voluptuous chocolate eggs that can expand to never-before-seen dimensions.the most daring pastry chefs decorate them with colored glazes that take the most diverse shapesThey are rich, inviting, sumptuous and horribly greedy. The most daring pastry chefs even decorate them with colored icings, which take the form of flowers, leaves, good wishes. A part of me, the vital and optimistic one, would like to try: melt the chocolate, hide a truly sought-after surprise; then combine the eggs and paint them as if I were Van Gogh. But I have only bad moods about Van Gogh: in the end I buy the worst commercial egg with insane sugars added and I throw myself on the sofa until the following Easter. If you are not like that and you want to try your hand, you really want to try to prepare a very serious homemade Easter egg , this is how you have to go.


We go to get the most precious advice in Tuscany, from Giambattista Giannotti , pastry chef at the Renaissance Tuscany Resort ; and if the tricks are not enough and you want to watch live, take the opportunity to sign up for the show cooking dedicated to the preparation of eggs that will be held right on the Easter weekend.


  1. chocolate-pasticciotti-8As a first step, you need to get two half-molds in the shape of eggs: you will buy them in a household store and leave them waiting while you sauté. On the fire you will have to boil a pot of water filled up to a little more than half: this pot will accommodate a smaller one in which you will melt the chocolate (500 grams of dark covering, which has a higher content of cocoa butter) . If you also bought a cake thermometer at the homeware store, it’s time to use it: the temperature should not exceed 42 ° C.
  2. temper-chocolateNow the worktop of your kitchen becomes the protagonist: whether it is made of marble, ceramic or glass, it must be smooth and serve as a support on which to temper the chocolate ; pour in three quarters of the melted chocolate and leave the rest in a bain-marie: you will join them in the saucepan only when the chocolate is tempered, that is, with the help of your wooden spoon, it has reached 30 ° C.
  3. easter-egg-in-houseThen grab the egg-shaped molds and swirl them while pouring the chocolate into them. You would like to taste it already, but instead you have to wait at least a couple of hours, placing your work in the refrigerator . Now get distracted, read, chat until the eggs have solidified: at that moment, you can remove them from the molds and maybe put a surprise in one of the two parts.
  4. Bitter-sweetYou are not finished: you have to compose the real egg , join the two halves; to do this, heat the oven to 180 ° C and insert an empty pan: you will use the heat of the pan to place the half eggs on it, heat the edges and put them together, making them fit together perfectly (for this to happen, you had already taken care to smooth the edges with a knife).
  5. Icing for cookiesYou have already been very good and you deserve the applause of the whole family; but since you are so skilled, go all the way: dare with the icing . For this magical addition, you will need 250 grams of powdered sugar, the juice of half a lemon, and two egg whites. These ingredients must be mixed and worked in the mixer for about 3 minutes; to play with chromatism, you have to add food coloring of your choice. Put the mixture in a pastry bag and indulge yourself: you can decorate the egg as you like, but above all, as your skill as a designer allows you.

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