How to: prepare an alcoholic drink based on iced tea

How to: prepare an alcoholic drink based on iced tea

With the heat of summer, a good cocktail is what you need, especially if combined with iced tea: the guys from the Mag Cafè in Milan explain us how to do it.

In the minds of many, tea  only recalls winter evenings, steaming cups and smoky aromas. For others, the infusion is a ritual to be carried out even with 45 ° C in the shade, in order not to give in to sugary and prepackaged drinks. But what few people know is that among the trends of the moment there is also that of pairing tea with cocktails . The staff of the Mag Cafè in Milan (ripa di Porta Ticinese, 43) created a series of cocktails using Dammann Frères teas and gives us some suggestions for using the teas in mixology .


  1. green tea leavesGo for white tea and green tea . First of all, the blends to be preferred to create winning matches with liqueurs and spirits are white and green tea. According to experts, the most suitable spirits are gin, tequila, vodka, rum, bourbon, brandy, whiskey and scotch.
  2. youThe infusion does not have to take place in water . In this case the hydroalcoholic technique can be performed : the tea leaves are soaked in distillates, liqueurs or hydroalcoholic mixtures. This makes the liquid residence time vary: instead of the classic 3-5 minutes, the tea can remain in infusion for a few hours or for whole days. If you want to keep all the aroma and flavor of tea, you can use the traditional infusion in cold water, at no more than 2-3 ° C, for at least 8 hours. Perfect variant to please even teetotal friends.
  3. tea leavesUse the right amount of tea . The taste of tea remains to be crushed by that of alcohol. The advice of mixology experts is to add more than one sachet or more than a teaspoon of leaves to each cup of water. The result obtained can be used as a base for cocktails or it can be sweetened and used as a syrup.
  4. cocktail-may-cafe-3Don’t throw anything away . Using tea to prepare cocktails means not having to throw away anything, not even the leaves used for the infusion. After drying, they can be used to give the drink a smoky tone. Or you can use them for crustas , the edges of the glass obtained with a mix of salt or sugar. In this case – always after drying the leaves – they can be reduced to a powder and mixed with the grains. This touch will give identity and character to the cocktail from the very first taste.

The tea-based cocktails of the Mag Cafè


The Mag Cafè mixology wizards have developed different cocktails, using Dammann Frères blends. The first cocktail is the Dammann Frères Sour . It is a drink made using iced tea infused in water for about 8 hours in the refrigerator,tea leaves are used infused in cold water for about 8 hourstogether with cashcane Rum and Amaro di Farmily, lemon and almond. The taste of Thé glacé Pêche Dammann Frères transfers freshness to the cocktail thanks to its green notes of flower petals and the aroma of peach. The Family Garden comes alive with the intense flavor of the Green Chartreause, which blends with the taste of the Jardin blue Dammann Frères tea glacé based on China tea with rhubarb, wild strawberry, strawberry and flower petals.


The I Need Holiday cocktail is nourished by the scent of mint. The tea used is Dammann Frères Thé glacé Touareg, a refreshing blend with spearmint leaves, peppermint leaves and natural mint flavor. Perfect with white rum, lime, and thyme bitters. The Street of Asia is a summer punch, based on orgeat curry, sherbert with guanabana, orange pekoe distillate and Gout Russe Douchka tea, black China leaves with essential oils of bergamot, blood orange and lemon. Perfect served on the rocks.

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