How to organize the perfect pancake party

How to organize the perfect pancake party

Pancakes are sweets that lend themselves perfectly to being personalized: we tell you how to use them for a fun pancake party.

Once the pan is lit, it takes more time to say pancakes than it takes to stack half a dozen. Easy, fast and very successful, pancakes are one of the basic preparations of the American breakfast. Why not put them at the center of an entire party, even if only for a few people? Here’s how you can organize your pancake party .


  1. Different doughs, different shapes. Given that the basic recipe is very simple – you can find it here – in the meantime you can think of preparing different types of pancakes, from the American one to the Japanese fluffy one , even a miniaturized version like that of the cereal pancakes . Even in the dough you can add a few more elements: for example, in the dough a little cocoa, coffee, a little coconut rapé or even pumpkin, if you feel in the mood of Halloween. And, why not, maybe use different shapes, such as hearts, stars, flowers, to make them all different. Or even stick them on a skewer, alternating them with fruit, to create kushi pancakes . Here you find inspiration for20 types of pancakes from around the world. 
  2. Fillings. Just like for the dough, you can indulge yourself in the same way for the fillings. If, for example, you want an American themed pancake party then you just have to stack a lot of them and leave them like this, neutral, waiting for the classic and very sweet maple syrup pour. If, on the other hand, you want to create a Japanese allure for the day, kushi pancakes on one side, fluffy pancakes prepared on the other, you can also pretend to prepare dorayakiand stuff them two by two with the azuki bean anko. There is no rule: accompany the pancakes with what you like best, be it fruit, fresh whipped cream, eggs and bacon. Everything will depend on the type of party you have in mind: make everything available to your guests, also thinking about those who follow a diet different from yours. 
  3. Syrups. Not everyone might like maple syrup. Maybe there are those who prefer black or white chocolate topping instead. The advice is to put on one side, on your table, a selection of different syrups, which everyone can use to garnish their pancakes. The dough will also gain from it, which will avoid sponging too much while waiting for the party to begin. 
  4. Bowls with decorations. Small marshmallows, colored sugared almonds, raspberries, blackberries or wild berries, you can do the same with the latest decorations, putting each of the fillings in a different bowl, for the direct use of your guests. It will also be more fun for them to mix flavors and colors.
  5. A salty party. We mentioned it before, let’s make it clearer: pancake is not synonymous with sweet, so why not also think about a series of savory variations ? You can add the ingredients to the dough, as in this version with spinach , or use them as bread, to stuff them as you like. For example with salmon and soft cheese and chives. 

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