How to: open a coconut

How to: open a coconut

Opening a coconut may seem complicated, but rely on one of our three methods to fix it quickly and easily.

Coconut is one of the most delicious exotic fruits: delicately tasty, it can be refreshing and invigorating, especially in the summer when tasted fresh, but it is also pleasant in winter.a fruit rich in properties, especially as regards waterIt is good to know that coconut is a truly virtuous fruit , because it is rich in properties. According to natural medicine, in fact, it has the ability to regulate blood sugars, lower cholesterol and stimulate the body to maintain proper hydration, especially if, in addition to the coconut pulp, its water is also consumed. Consuming coconut supports the development of strong and healthy bones and teeth by increasing our body’s ability to assimilate calcium and magnesium. This fruit is a source of potassium but also contains other minerals such as copper, phosphorus, zinc and iron. Contains natural sugars, vegetable fibers and amino acids. There is also no lack of vitamins, those of group B, vitamin C, vitamin E and vitamin K. In coconut there is no shortage of fiber, but not even a considerable fat part is missing, something to keep in mind when consuming.afraid of not knowing how to open it . Are there any ways to open it easily? Is there a technique? Is there a better trick than another? The answer is clearly yes to all the questions, there are some different methods to open a coconut, let’s see them in detail below.

Before opening the coconut

The first operation must be carried out for each opening method that you want to use: identify the three lighter circles placed in one of the two ends of the coconut , pierce 2 with the help of a corkscrew, use it just as if you were opening a bottle with a cork. . The surface of these circles is much softer than the rest of the peel. Once the circles have been pierced, turn the coconut on a glass, or any container, and let out all the water , which you can drink once filtered from impurities through a colander. Once your coconut is properly emptied, you can proceed in several ways .


  1. With the hammer . Wrap the coconut with a cloth and give it a dry and firm hammering. The coconut will break into several pieces and you can then divide the pulp from the rind with a knife and enjoy it immediately: ideal for this latter operation will be a Parmesan knife. The clearer the hammer is, the more the coconut will tend to split in half and not into many fragments. Always pay close attention.
  2. In the oven . If you do not feel comfortable with the hammer, there is the possibility of opening the coconut through the use of the oven. Also in this case, pierce and empty the coconut well from its water: if you put it in the oven when closed it could explode. Preheat the oven to 200 ° C; once the temperature is reached, insert the coconut and leave it inside, with the oven on, for about 5-6 minutes. Take it out anyway as soon as you see cracks and splits forming on the shell. Once removed from the oven, wrap it in a cloth and give it a few hammers or punches to break it permanently. After that, once the shell has cooled, you can remove the pulp and eat it.
  3. In the microwave . We reiterate the concept of the absolute need to pierce and then completely empty the coconut from its water. Having said that you will have to insert the coconut inside the microwave and operate it for 3 minutes at medium-high power. Once the coconut has been taken out, put the walnut in a cloth and proceed as for the oven: a couple of hammers and you’re done.

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