How to make stir fry rice

How to make stir fry rice:


Fried rice is a common and delicious dish in China. Now, it is common in the overall world. It is common at every restaurant in Chinatown. Basically, it was originated from China and Japan. It is rich in carbohydrates. Stir fry rice is famous due to its fluffy appearance. It is easy to make. Vegetables are used in this dish. The egg is also used in this dish. In this article, I will discuss an ingredient used in stir fry rice and procedure to make delicious stir fry rice. This article will focus only on the stir fry rice, which originated from china rather than other types of rice.


Rice, (Always prefer fresh rice, because they give amazing taste and smell to stir fry rice and gives the fluffy appearance.)


Vegetables are used in this dish, sometimes chicken is also present in this dish. While its changes into Chinese rice. So, vegetables used in this dish are:


You can use carrots, Red and fresh carrots always prefer. Carrots should (diced).


Green and white onions are used in this dish. Chopped and leafy onions are used. It gives amazing taste in this dish.


Peas and other vegetables like spinach and lemon are used in Japan. It gives citric taste to stir-fried rice.

Soy Sauce:

It is useful to give taste in stir fry rice.

Green leafy vegetables:

Other greens and leafy vegetables are present in this dish. These are also useful for the garnish of stir fry rice.


Oil of high quality and first virgin prefer in this dish. It is useful in the frying of rice and some vegetables.

Eggs and Chicken:

These are also useful in this dish if you want. These are just to enhance the taste of this dish.


Salt and pepper are present to give salty taste to stir-fried rice.


Directions and Procedure:

It is very easy to make. Its procedure is not rocket science. And we can prepare these stir fry rice in half an hour. Steps to make stir fry rice are:

  1. First of soaked rice in water for some minutes. Then, fry this rice in a pan with Oil of high quality. Fry these rice till they become brown.
  2. Then pour out rice from pan. And add vegetables in the pan and fry these vegetables.
  3. Then add Eggs and boiled chicken if you want. And add salt and piper for salty taste.
  4. So, stir fry rice is ready to serve.


In the end in the light of the above discussion we can say that, stir fry rice is a very simple and delicious dish. It is easy to make. Red and green vegetables are present in this dish. Chicken and eggs are also useful. It is a very popular dish in China. Now, it is also common in Pakistan and other countries of Asia. It gives a salty taste. Only frying of rice and vegetables is basic process for its processing. So, I like it very much you should also try this dish.

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