How to make desserts light with extra virgin olive oil

How to make desserts light with extra virgin olive oil

During the tasting at the Olio Officina Festival in Milan, we had some chefs explain how to replace butter with olive oil in desserts.

The period of approaching the infamous costume test is coming. For months, the pursuit of the ideal weight will take the sweets off the table … resulting in a dramatic drop in mood. However, small precautions are enough and the dessert will no longer be the enemy of the line.replacing butter with a good oil is also ideal for cakes and creamsIn fact, by replacing the butter with a good olive oil, even cakes, creams and cream puffs can enter the diet. “ Extra virgin olive oil is gold – says dietician Alessia Sambuchi – a concentrate of well-being. It is essential for the health of our arteries and heart, allows a good balance between the ‘bad’ fraction of cholesterol (LDL) and the ‘good’ (HDL), carries out a protective action against degenerative diseases such as tumors, protects from cellular oxidation, it reduces the production of cholesterol stones and is also essential for the balance of sex hormones. But its greatest virtue lies in the minor components, substances with remarkable antioxidant properties “ .

The advice of the chefs

Several pastry chefs have chosen Italian yellow gold for their creations.


  1. The master of sweets Manuel Marzari (he created desserts from the Peck Gastronomy in Milan at the Palace Hotel Villa Cortine in Sirmione, from the Paradiso Brothers in Sydney at the Gran Baita Hotel in Selva Val Gardena) has created various dairy-free, gluten-free and egg-free preparations and therefore perfect as well as for those who have made vegetarian or vegan choices. This is how the vanilla base sablè with Dop Garda oil and legumes , the raw cocoa crumble with Dop Garda oil and rice malt or the chocolate ganache and Garda Dop oil were born. ” I chose Garda Dop oil – explained Marzari during one of the tastings held at the Oil Officina Festival in Milan –because its perfume and its delicate aromas go well with the desserts I propose. Mine is a pastry made mostly of emulsions. For this reason I use Garda Dop oil, which lends itself to this type of preparation thanks to its delicacy, its aromas and the right balance of fats “.
  2. Even the television cook Cesare Marretti measured himself with oil desserts and from the challenge two types of cream puffs were born that use Valle del Belìce Dop extra virgin olive oil which gives the desserts a fruity scent of freshly harvested olive. a herbaceous tone, hints of tomato and artichoke and an almond aftertaste. ” The first cream puff – explains the Tuscan chef – has a sour aftertaste due to the Romanesco cabbage cream while the second owes its sweet note to the pumpkin and carrot with which I created the filling. For both I chose to round the palate by emulsifying the cream with Valle del Belìce Dop olive oil “.
  3. Arrived from Piedmont in Liguria and landed at the starred restaurant Balzi Rossi in Ventimiglia after experiences at Gellio di Oderzo (1 star), by Carlo Cracco in Milan (2 stars) and having been sous chef of Davide Palluda at Enoteca di Canale (1 star ), Enrico Marmowanted to discover the raw materials of the territory from the fish of the Ligurian Gulf to extra virgin olive oil, the Riviera Ligure Dop. This oil is obtained from the Taggiasca olive and is recognized for its yellow color (yellow-green in the Savona area), the smell of ripe fruit and the fruity flavor with a strong sensation of sweetness, a hint of spicy and hints of almond and pine nut. Enrico’s encounter with Ligurian oil has given rise to various desserts including a tarte Tatin with oil ice cream and an oil cream, fresh and candied grapefruit, Taggiasca olives and basil, and has upset a typicality such as pandolce. The Ligurian tradition has it that the Christmas Pandolce (but now it can be found all year round) is made with dried and candied fruit so that it can last several days. Chef Marmo has updated the dessert and turned it into a Sweet Bread with candied Taggiasca olives with pine nuts, raisins, Ligurian lemon peel and extra virgin olive oil from Frantoio di Sant’Agata.

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