How to make Buddha Bowl

How to make Buddha Bowl


Buddha Bowl is a balanced Chinese dish. It was originated in China. It thinks it is a balanced food in the Buddhist concept. Now, it is common in many countries. Basically, it is a dish of grains. It is a salad-like dish. Green and leafy vegetables are used in this dish. It is common in many countries. So, it has many methods to prepare. There are little bit differences between the method of Indian style and Chinese style to prepare it. So, In this article, I will discuss the ingredients used in Buddha Bowl and the method and direction used to prepare the Buddha bowl. In this article, I will focus only on the Chinese method of preparation for this dish rather than methods of any other country.


I will discuss the basic ingredients for this dish. There are many optional ingredients for this dish. So, the essential ingredients are:

Brown rice:

Brown long rice is used in this dish. Always fresh rice prefers because they give flavor and smell to dish. 1 cup rice is enough for one serving of brown rice.


It is a type of bean, we can say that these are immature soybean. These are used in the body to enhance the taste. And enhance the content in the dish. These are traditionally present in this dish.

Green leafy vegetables:

Green and leafy vegetables are also present in this dish. So, they are rich in iron and many other essential nutrients. They are also useful for the garnish of the Buddha Bowl.


Snow peas and peas are present in this dish.


A small piece of avocado is also useful in this dish. It is only to enhance the taste.


Directions and Procedure:

It is very easy to make. Boiling, cooking, and mixing skills are required for this dish. So, the procedure for this dish is:

  1. Boil rice in water for some time in a bowl.
  2. Then cook edamame in another bowl and add spinach and peas in this bowl and cook further for some minutes.
  3. Then, mix this dried rice bowl with vegetables and use soybean sauce to enhance the taste.
  4. Leafy vegetables are useful for garnish.
  5. So, your Buddha Bowl is ready to serve.


In the end, in light of the above discussion, we can say that the Buddha Bowl is a very delicious dish of china. It is easy to make. It is common in many countries. So, Rice, Veggies, and avocado require to prepare this dish. It is a healthy antioxidant.

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