How to: how to prepare the detox water

How to: how to prepare the detox water

Detox toilets work as a stimulant to drink more water throughout the day, when natural water gets bored: here’s how to do them.

Swollen belly, a feeling of heaviness, a few extra pounds or simple water retention? Eating healthy and purifying foods to return to your balance is certainly one of the strategies to be adopted, but it may not be enough.a drink to sip all day if natural water is boring  L ‘ water which, if only in itself, plays a vital role for our body, can play an even more decisive role for our health thanks to the properties of fruits and vegetables in it infused. This is the principle that inspires detox water  (or purifying water) which, from a health trend to stars and stripes , has also arrived in Italy for some years now, depopulating among fitness enthusiasts and beyond. It is a fresh and flavored drink to be sipped during the day – preferably on an empty stomach – prepared with vegetables and fruit left to infuseall night long. Among the numerous benefits, there is obviously that of stimulating the metabolism, promoting diuresis and digestion by eliminating excess toxins. Preparing your own detox water is very easy: let’s see step by step how to make it .


  1. The ingredients . To make the most of the properties of detox water, it is necessary to choose organic, untreated and possibly seasonal ingredients that have purifying and stimulating functions. From this point of view, the most effective version is undoubtedly the one based on lemon, cucumber, ginger and mint . A portentous mix that will allow you to eliminate the extra pounds without giving up the taste of a fresh and thirst-quenching drink. While lemon contains pepsin – which helps burn fat and activate metabolism – on the other hand, cucumber and ginger help eliminate excess fluids, while mint is an excellent remedy for intestinal gas. .
  2. Doses and procedure . For the daily dose, rely on these quantities: 1 small or 1/2 large lemon, 1/2 cucumber, a handful of fresh mint leaves, 1/2 cm. of ginger root and 1 liter of natural water. The first thing you will have to pay attention to will be the arrangement of the ingredients inside the container: place the lemon slices on the bottom, continue with the cucumber ones and complete with the mint leaves and the ginger clove. At this point, fill with cold water to cover all the ingredients.
  3. Infusion . To increase the beneficial effects of the infusion, you can lightly pound the ingredients so that they release their juices into the water. Consider that the optimal infusion time is about 12 hours , therefore, you can prepare your water detox the night before, leave it to infuse in the refrigerator overnight and use it the following day.
  4. Container . As for the choice of container, prefer glass jugs or jugs that perfectly maintain the temperature and preserve the substances that will be released during the infusion. Another trick is to use container with caps, preferably with hermetic closure: alternatively, you can remedy with transparent film.
  5. Variants . The water detox can be prepared in many ways, depending on your tastes and available ingredients. Choose combinations of fruit and vegetables that balance the taste and beneficial properties, for example making a mix of citrus fruits, kiwi, carrots and celery. Or again, using only red fruits – blueberries, raspberries and currants – with their antioxidant function. Otherwise, combine the draining properties of apples and carrots with the digestive properties of ginger.

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