How to get rid of bad smells from the refrigerator in 5 ways

How to get rid of bad smells from the refrigerator in 5 ways

Bad smells coming from the refrigerator are unpleasant as well as unhealthy, but a few tricks are enough to keep it always in excellent condition.

Just a little distraction, a few drains and the fridge that is was so well cleaned and organized took on a bad smell . To solve the problem quickly there are many natural, quick and practical remedies , which will restore order in no time.


  1. Lemon . It is one of the most known and practiced remedies , if only because it often happens to slice one and then leave it in the fridge to reuse it later. Well, dumb in the wait, that lemon is already doing its part: opened in a few slices or in pieces on a saucer, it considerably attenuates the smells. The only precaution is to replace it once a week .
  2. Coffee grounds . In the same way, once you have cleaned the mocha from the morning coffee you can recycle the leftover grounds , let them dry and place them in the fridge in a small bowl. In fact, even coffee has the ability to neutralize odors : you will certainly have noticed it in some perfume shop, where they will have offered you to smell some beans to reset the fragrances you have tried up to that moment.
  3. Vinegar. Panacea for all the ills in cleaning the house, vinegar is one of the easiest odor absorbers to manage and use . Very little is enough to put in the fridge in a glass, which you will replace once a week, to counteract any odor that is difficult to get rid of.
  4. Activated carbon . The black one, useful for reducing intestinal swelling, is also an excellent ally for eliminating stinks. Just put a small part – if you have it in tablets, grind it – in a container and leave it on one of the shelves. Or even on more than one, if the situation is dramatic.
  5. Clean well . The most important thing, before moving on to maintenance, is to clean the refrigerator well and regularly , emptying the baskets, carefully disassembling and washing the shelves, defrosting the freezer when ice builds up. A final trick to prevent vegetables and fruit from condensing in the drawer is to place a paper bag (those for fruit and vegetables) on the bottom , which will absorb the humidity.

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