How to choose your coffee grinder

The coffee grinder may seem like a superfluous tool, but for coffee lovers it is indispensable: we explain how to choose a suitable one.

The scent of freshly ground coffee is a nostalgic legacy of bygone times when the preparation of a good coffee started with the purchase of bags full of roasted beans ready to be ground. Today, between capsules and automatic coffee machines, the coffee experience, if on the one hand, has become more practical and faster, on the other, it is also much more standardized and less customizable.the coffee grinder has several advantages, although it does not look like a modern toolAlthough there is a wide choice among the wide range of flavors and intensities, the pleasure of freshly ground coffee is unmatched in terms of the final perception: having a coffee grinder at homeit will allow, in fact, to savor its aroma and perfume to the fullest without any kind of intermediation. The fact of grinding the coffee immediately before tasting it keeps all the organoleptic characteristics intact until the moment of the hot and steaming cup. Furthermore, with the coffee grinder you can grind only the coffee you will need immediately and leave the rest in beans for a better and longer conservation. But there’s more: with this tool you can also choose the degree of grinding of the coffee making it more or less intense according to your preferences. And again, mixing different blends creating completely new and personal contaminations. So, if you are convinced of the numerous advantages that can be obtained using the coffee grinder, now you are wondering how to choose the right type. Here thensome suggestions that can guide you in your choice.

With blades or grindstone?

If you are looking for a mid-range and not too expensive coffee grinder, the choice of stainless steel blades could be for you. This type of technology, although it brings satisfactory results of good grinding, partly alters the organoleptic characteristics of the beans. The heat that is released from the rotary actuation of the blades, in fact, inevitably heats the grains, producing an effect very similar to that of classic kitchen robots. Different speech is true for the high-end models equipped with a millstoneusually conical inside – or even flat – which by not overheating the coffee beans while crushing them, preserves all the taste and fragrance. This caution is due to the slow and homogeneous movement of the grinder which during the movement produces neither air nor heat.

Capacity and material of the bell

By bell we mean the container of coffee beans which must always be closed with a lid to prevent the components of the aroma from being dispersed. When choosing a coffee grinder, two aspects must be taken into consideration: the capacity and the material it is made of. As for the first element, you can find containers from 70 g up to 150 g of beans: therefore, keep in mind your needs and consider that by choosing a larger capacity you can grind up to 120 g of powder with a single grind. Another essential component is the material : prefer stainless steel over resistant plastics and check that the containers are removable and dishwasher safe.

Speed ​​of the grinder

Contrary to what one might think, it is preferable to choose a coffee grinder that has a low speed grinder . Those at high speed, in fact, contribute to producing heat and static electricity – harmful to the beans – with the risk of dispersing the coffee powder almost everywhere. Therefore, it is better to choose low-speed grinders, paying attention to a second division: those with speed reducers – with a gear system that transmits fewer revolutions to the grinders than those performed by the engine – and those with direct drive . The only difference you will have to consider is that the former are much noisier and therefore not suitable for use in the early morning.

Degree of power

Another element not to be underestimated is the maximum power – that is the wattage – that the coffee grinder can support. A higher power does not alter the consistency of the beans, but it can significantly affect the degree of fineness of the ground coffee and the grinding speed, making it faster and of better quality. Which is why, if you choose a coffee grinder with a high wattage , you can also use it to chop spices and other small foods.


  1. 300W Electric Coffee Grinder with Stainless Steel Blades . A modern design machine with stainless steel blades for perfect grinding. It is equipped with an accident prevention system and has a capacity of up to 100 g. Find it on Amazon .
  2. Krups GVX242 Coffee grinder . The container reaches a capacity of 200 g and thanks to its 17 functions it allows different grinding nuances, from the finest to the coarsest. Buy it on Amazon .
  3. Aigostar Breath 30CFR . Equipped with a convenient on / off button to start and release the suspension, it allows you to have more control over the duration of the grinding. With its 150 W of power and 10000-15000 r / min of speed you can grind up to 60 grams of product every 10-20 seconds. Find it on Amazon .
  4. 300W Electric Coffee Grinder . Thanks to the power of the engine, it takes a few seconds to grind the coffee beans. In addition, it has useful multipurpose functions, perfect for chopping spices, herbs, nuts and a variety of grains as well. Buy it on Amazon .

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