How to buy beer (also) at the supermarket

How to buy beer (also) at the supermarket

If the beershops are closed and no deliveries arrive at your place, we advise you how to buy beers at the supermarket without sacrificing your craft soul.

With the temporary closure of pubs and beershops, due to the health emergency, craft beer enthusiasts are forced to find solutions to not get thirsty during these home evenings. There is no shortage of home delivery services in big cities, just as online purchases are always possible. But beyond the extraordinary situation we are experiencing, in general, it can always happen that we have to adapt . This is how a demanding and experienced drinker moves between the shelves of the supermarket .


  1. Plan A: handcrafted in the trenches . As well as for commercial reasons, craft beers are not very present in large-scale distribution for intrinsic reasons: as they are not pasteurized, they require special attention during transport and storage. However, with a little luck, something can also be found in the supermarket, hoping that it has been treated with a minimum of foresight. At that point the real beer nerd will perform some checks, including production batch and expiration date . Smartphone in hand will consult blogs and rating sites and in the end, when he is well fixed, he will take the bottles stored away from the light (which is never good).
  2. Plan B: nostalgic resistance . Before the explosion of the Craft Beer Revolution , there were not so many alternatives to commercial lagers. You can pay homage to those beers, still easy to find, with a nostalgia operation: from the great classics of Belgium, including the Trappists, to the more famous Irish stout. Perhaps some, in desperation, will find the strength to reevaluate the much-maligned Weizen!
  3. Plan C: surrender with honor . You’ve beaten all the supermarkets within walking distance of your home, but sadly, the offer is bleak everywhere. You just have to accept defeat and choose between industrial concentration camps, but at least try to limit the damage. Again the advice is to check the label, this time to take a look at the ingredients. Avoid beers with additives and colorings . Those made with barley malt only and without substitutes are preferred .
  4. Plan D: desertion . Finally, there is one last option that should not be underestimated: take advantage of this period and take the opportunity to give your body some respite. The liver will thank you and you will avoid taking on additional calories in a moment of great sedentary lifestyle. Then, if you really can’t resist, you can always change the flag and switch to wine !

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