How to: 4 tricks for cutting pineapple

How to: 4 tricks for cutting pineapple

Pineapple is a juicy fruit that lends itself to being used in many recipes, but cutting and cleaning it can be difficult – here are 4 methods to try.

It is nutritious, fresh and thirst-quenching. And it is the basis of many recipes. Pineapple is in fact perfect for fruit juices, for centrifuged, it is good in salads and obviously in desserts. It is low in calories – only 50 per 100 grams – and is rich in vitamins and minerals. As perfect as it is, however, it is really very boring to clean. Have you ever tried your hand at cutting pineapple ? Here are some methods and tricks to make things easier for you. And make a great impression.


  1. Discs . The classic cut of the pineapple is the disc cut. To do this, you need to remove the tuft and the bottom of the fruit. Then, once back on your feet, cut off the peel with a knife, trying to take away as much of the eyes as possible . And leaving as much pulp as possible. Once ready, it can be cut into circular slices about 2 cm thick. In case you don’t like it, you can also remove the central core, turning the circles into rings.
  2. Barchetta. A very 90s cut is that of the boat. To make it, you need to keep the pineapple on the side of the tuft. Then cut it into quarters lengthwise. Therefore, engrave the central stem from the end of the bottom to the tuft, but without detaching it. And proceed in the same way with the pulp, filleting it from the peel. Once detached, it can be sliced ​​directly on the outside, staggering the pieces to create movement. Then, the central core can be placed back on the slices. An alternative version foresees, before creating the staggered slices, to engrave small steps along the entire pulp. Once put back on the peel and alternate back and forth, the graphic effect of the slices will be even more pleasant. A third version, finally, plans to lift the central stem after cutting. After having pointed it and pinned it towards the tuft with a toothpick it will look a lot like a swan.
  3. Spiral . It is a spectacular and at the same time very practical way to clean pineapple. Identical in the initial part to the cut in discs, it differs for the thorough cleaning of the eyes. To obtain a spiral, in fact, you need to use a knife with a thin blade and, tilting it, create two cuts along the entire fruit which, when combined, will create a long spiral, from the tip to the bottom. It can be served like this, cut into discs or rings.
  4. Sections . A way to clean pineapple that seems the simplest of all is popular on social networks like Instagram and Tik Tok. Just remove the tuft following the sections of the fruit already visible from the peel. Then lay the pineapple on its side and roll it back and forth with light hand pressure to separate the small sections from each other. Once straightened it will be sufficient to detach the individual pieces one by one, biting them directly without having to worry about peeling them. The remaining tuft can then be recovered to give life to a new plant.

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