How is wine produced responsibly?

How is wine produced responsibly?

In Gavi 100 producers and exponents of the national wine scene gathered to draw up the Responsible Wine Charter.

The flapping of a butterfly’s wings can cause a hurricane on the other side of the world. This sentence contains a great truth: any action, even the smallest and most insignificant, has repercussions throughout the system.a manifesto of the responsibility of the Italian wine worldAware of this responsibility, 100 producers and exponents of the national wine scene , communication and corporate social responsibility gathered at Tenuta Centuriona in Gavi (in the province of Alessandria), where in 1859 the Marquis Luigi Cambioso planted the first vineyards di Cortese di Gavi, to draft the manifesto of social responsibility in the Italian wine world . ” Social responsibility in the world of wine – said at the time of signing the newly elected president of the Consorzio Tutela del Gavi – is the only possible future as I believe it is now clear to everyone that sustainable and quality production cannot be separated from justice social “. Buthow is responsible wine produced? Here is the Gavi Charter of Responsible Wine.


  1. worker in the vineyardMarry and promote the right values . Believe in quality, ethics, protection of the environment and workers. Adopt a code of ethics, a Charter of Values ​​and a code of conduct.
  2. vineyardProtecting the earth . Ecological footprint and interventions to reduce soil consumption associated with its business and agriculture that protects the natural fertility of the earth. Development of organic and biodynamic.
  3. vineyardSafeguard the water . Water footprint and interventions to reduce direct and indirect water consumption, in the vineyard as in the bottling and transport phases.
  4. Tackling climate change . Carbon Footprint and interventions for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Use of renewable energy by reducing the consumption of fossil fuels. Optimization of transport and reduction of their emissions.
  5. Commit to sustainability . And also make the sustainability report, an environmental and integrated report.
  6. biodiversity vineyardProtect and enhance biodiversity . Practicing agriculture that protects ecosystems and implementing interventions to protect beneficial insects, especially bees.
  7. wineSaving natural resources . Recovery and recycling of by-products. Ecopackaging and set-ups with recycled materials.
  8. worker in the vineyardBelieve in people . Corporate welfare, health, safety and well-being of workers. Support for youth employment and social inclusion
  9. Promote culture and the arts . Promote and share cultural and social projects in favor of the territory
  10. by bicycle among the vineyardsCreate social and economic value for the territory . Enhance the landscape. Wine System: wine tourism and hospitality integrated with the territory.

” If the world of finance has cleared the social impact for its activities, ” said Mario Calderini , director of Tiresia, the social innovation research center of the Politecnico di Milano, “it means that an epochal change is really taking place and that we are ready to move in this sense. My hope is that the Gavi Responsible Wine Charter from a manifesto will become a system of knowledge and information to be disseminated among all the players in the sector. And that from wine it involves more and more producers and consumers “.

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