How is Dalgona Coffee made?

How is Dalgona Coffee made?

Dalgona Coffee is a mousse-like drink that originated in South Korea and has now spawned many photogenic variations – here’s how it’s done.

He goes crazy in this period especially on Instagram and TikTok and was born in South Korea during the quarantine.born in korea, it is the drink of the momentWe are talking about Dalgona coffee , a kind of creamy cappuccino composed on the contrary, very popular in its native country as street food and for some time at the center of continuous challenges among users of social networks. The Dalgona coffee recipe takes its name from the homonymous lollipop typical of the native country, a frothy toffee mounted on a toothpick. Made with oil, sugar and baking soda, it is sold on street corners and is very popular with children.

How you do it

The new drink, on the other hand, is prepared by mixing together sugar, instant coffee and water in equal parts (about 3 tablespoons), and then mixing them with an electric mixer, until they acquire the consistency of a mousse. Once ready, this foam is placed on cold milk, poured into the first half of a large glass.

The result is more like a spoon dessert than a drink – the froth can also be consumed on its own like a coffee cream – and the effect is highly instagrammable . The recipe is so popular that one of the videos of its preparation, created by the Korean youtuber Ttulgi ddulgi , has even exceeded 4.7 million views worldwide.

Official photos aside, as for all the preparations for the Dalgona coffee there are also variations : the Londoner Ayesha Rasak, founder of the My Big Fat Halal Blog, has prepared a very photogenic pink version: it is caffeine-free and uses cream and rose syrup instead of sugar and coffee. And looking online again it’s easy to come across another version, which uses whipped egg whites and sugar together with matcha tea, for a truly green result.

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