Here comes the beer with probiotics

Here comes the beer with probiotics

A team of researchers from the University of Singapore has created a lager beer rich in probiotics – that’s why the invention could catch on.

Who said beer just swells? Now it could also be good for digestion. A team of researchers from the University of Singapore has in fact created a new alcoholic blonde , rich in probiotics . hops, which limit their growth and survival. The researchers then found a way to produce a sour beer that can withstand the strain known as lactobacillus paracasei L26.


” For this beer – explained Chen Mei Zhi Alcine, one of the developers of the drink – we used a lactic acid bacterium as a probiotic microorganism, which will use the sugars present to produce acidifying lactic acid, giving life to a beer with pungent flavors “. To date, the evidence on the real effectiveness of probiotics is not yet clear: while for some they would be useful in preventing alterations of the bacterial flora, for others they do not bring any results. According to the authors, however, they could help strengthen the intestine, but also the immune system.

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