Heineken inaugurates the zero contact robot bar

Heineken inaugurates the zero contact robot bar

Heineken created the first zero-contact robotic bar in Sydney: the experiment aligns with the new trends due to social distancing.

The lockdown has been over for quite a while now, we have all returned to an almost normal life but the risk of contagion from Coronavirus is still there, so we have a duty to comply with some rules and measures to protect ourselves and others. The social distancing , now we know well, it tops the list along with the obligation to wear the mask. And precisely aimed at facilitating compliance with the right distance is the novelty put in place by Heineken : the robotic bar .

For now, only non-alcoholic beer

The gatherings are dangerous, one must always be careful, it is necessary to take some precautions: all sacrosanct. the two mechanical arms serving customers are called heidi and kenBut it is also right to have the opportunity to indulge in the little pleasures of life without worries. Sip an ice cold beer, for example. It is starting from these considerations that, in collaboration with some students of the University of Sydney, Heineken has developed his robot bar. ” The boys – explained Stefan Williams , professor at the Faculty of Aerospace, Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering – have programmed and built a robot that is able to perceive when customers approach the bar and immediately gives them a bottle of beer.“. The room is very small and only one person can enter at a time; the two mechanical arms are called Heidi and Ken, the stocks are practically infinite but it is important to underline that it is Heineken 0.0 , or non-alcoholic beer .

A successful experiment

The robotic Heineken bar has been operating for four days in Darlinghurst , one of the trendiest neighborhoods and vibrant Sydney . The beers were distributed for free. The Dutch company, of course, wanted to test people’s reactions , see how the zero-contact bar would be received . Of course, some would have preferred that the beer was not alcohol-free, but in some ways the choice is understandable: it allows you to avoid excesses. In all likelihood, therefore, the robotic bar will soon become a permanent presence in various areas of Sydney and beyond. Indeed, one would think that it will not be long before Heidi and Ken cross the borders of Australia to propose themselves in other parts of the world.

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