Having fun in the kitchen: #iorestoacasa with Pasta Garofalo

Having fun in the kitchen: #iorestoacasa with Pasta Garofalo

Pasta Garofalo has launched a series of social initiatives to entertain children and parents by cooking: from Il Gioco è Pronto a Occhio alla Ricetta.

An invitation to give vent to creativity in the kitchen, playing with recipes in #iorestoacasa times . Garofalo , Pasta di Gragnano IGP, together with Xister Reply launches a series of social initiatives to have fun in the kitchen and review the fundamentals of Italian cuisine. Thus was born the idea of ​​posting from time to time on the Facebook page of Pasta Garofalo Italia a photo of an ingredient, seasonal and above all easy to find to invite followers to write their recipe in the comments. A way to share, albeit virtually, the moment to get in the kitchen and then taste a dish together.

For children: The game is ready

To entertain the little ones and for the joy of parents who sometimes struggle to stem the liveliness of their children, the historic Garofalo pasta factory has also thought of children.children cut out and draw, parents take picturesThe social initiative for small home chefs is called The game is ready . Just download from the link indicated and then print all the files to create a whimsical and colorful pasta dish. Children will have to cut out the elements, color them and then create the dish with their imagination using different types of pasta and ingredients. The result will be an original recipe from all points of view that mum or dad will have to photograph and publish in their stories on Instagram, tagging @pastagarofaloit and adding the hashtag # ilgiocoèpronto. Thus the dish will be shared in the gallery and in the stories of Pasta Garofalo. Everyone can comment or even simply leave a like.

A quiz to review Italian cuisine

Finally, since the exams never end, Pasta Garofalo has also thought about some online training . Here’s Eye to the recipe : every time on the Facebook page the image of a traditional and super famous recipe will be shared with three ingredients next to it. The invitation is to indicate the wrong one among those depicted. A unique way to review the fundamentals of Italian cuisine.

“ With these social initiatives we thought of entertaining our audience and creating a moment of sharing in such a particular situation – underlines Emidio Mansi , commercial director of Pasta Garofalo -. We have paid particular attention to those with small children by offering something original to make them play at home in the kitchen, together with their parents, safely and without causing damage “. In short, one way for Garofalo to emphasize closeness when the message circulating on the web is to stay away. Of the three initiatives launched, Eye to the recipe is the one that is ready to arouse the greatest reactions, especially from the integralists of the kitchen. “Our initiatives want to be a direct link between the Garofalo pasta factory and its public, always ready to intervene and make proposals – concludes Mansi -. With an eye on the recipe, we expect it to spark heated discussions without losing sight of the final goal: to have fun lightly and in company “.

In short , Stay at home but get out the recipes : this is the invitation of Pastificio Garofalo in these days of home quarantine.

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