Green light to take away: are we really ready?

Green light to take away: are we really ready?

From 4 May the government gives the green light to take away, but are we sure we are ready for this freedom? Here are some points to think about.

Here we are, May 4th has come and gone. Among the many, few, too many, enough, right and wrong innovations that it brings with it (it is up to your conscience to judge them) there is the possibility of the take-away service . The companies that can activate the service are bars, pubs, restaurants, ice cream parlors, gourmet restaurants-pizzerias and so on and so forth. Whether this is enough for some businesses to survive, history alone will tell us.

4 points of the measures to reflect on

The government provision is found in the Prime Ministerial Decree of April 26, 2020, in Article 1, paragraph 1, letter aa , however, many regions had moved in advance allowing the take-away as early as the end of April. The first was Tuscany which, with the ordinance n. 41 of April 22 , drew the guidelines that all the others followed. One above all is the Lazio region which has published a vedemecum on its website to make the service secure . Here are the 4 salient points of the two texts that deserve further study. 


  1. Difference in treatment . The activities considered are all food administration exercises. These also include all those companies counted as street food, which until now had stopped working. But why has an oven always been open, but a rotisserie can only take away now? The bakery also sells bread, which is a basic necessity, you say. Yes, but weren’t the two contagion risks immediately comparable? Indeed, in some cases street food is real outdoor kiosks, therefore with less risk. 
  2. Punctuality is essential . It is highly recommended, where possible, to place an online or telephone order , in order to delay the arrival of customers on site . There is a lot of talk about the double shift as a pivot on which to rest the future of catering, but there is a need for punctuality. This practice with the take-away can be useful for the training of us new customers precisely and on time, so let’s all get busy.
  3. The risk of the picnic . Drinks are also among the products that can be purchased. The important thing is that the products are not consumed on the spot. In the DPCM, however, the reopening of parks and green areas is also allowed. Could we be responsible citizens, or will we organize sporadic individual picnics? And above all, can they be sanctioned given the current rules?
  4. Distances . The last point to be examined is actually a doubt that has not yet been resolved or raised. Which activities can we go to to take away? How far can we go from our home? Only in our municipality or also outside? And if so, only in the neighboring municipalities? We need answers.

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