Gourmet cocktails throughout the meal invade Turin and Rome

Gourmet cocktails throughout the meal invade Turin and Rome

Gourmet amaro-based cocktails are no longer relegated to after dinner: the Costardi Bros in Turin and Marco Martini in Rome expect them during the meal.

Who said that the right pairing for savory dishes should be a wine or a beer? Why not indulge yourself by creating new combinations with other types of drinks? So, after coffee and all meals, amaro arrives on the table, and not only at the end of the meal .the amaro-based gourmet cocktail expands its space and reaches restaurant menusThis new trend of drinking is called gourmet cocktails and among the first experimenters there are the chefs who accepted the challenge of studying dishes that were enhanced by the combination with amaro, as Daniele Gentili explained to us in Rome . The secret to creating dishes suitable for this at least unusual wedding is, as suggested by the master herbalist from Montenegro Matteo Bonoli, to use as ingredients some of the 40 essences that make up the bitter such as cinnamon, cloves, oregano, sweet and bitter oranges. . Several chefs responded to the call by creating proposals that were then included in the menu of their restaurants .

In Turin at the Costardi Bros


The Costardi Bros tried it in Turin in Edit , a multifunctional place that bases its formula on experimentation and sharing. It was from these concepts that the design of the menu started, which interprets the aromatic profile of amaro in the kitchen.techniques such as the extraction of a liquid substance from a solid were used to make the dishesTo make the dishes, the chefs used innovative culinary techniques such as the extraction of a liquid substance from a solid or the use of ultrasound and liquid nitrogen to cook. “ The key to this process of experimentation and tasting – the chefs commented during the dinner – is linked to overcoming the concept of simple pairing between food and drink in order to obtain a precise taste sensation “. The menu, developed with the innovator cocktails Lorenzo Scaglia and Samuel Donniacuo, includes as an entrée Potatoes and cod sprinkled with nutmeg and a reinterpretation of the Capresewhere the freshly blanched ox heart tomato rests on the mozzarella whey foam. To accompany the two dishes, the Montenegrita gourmet cocktail made with Montenegrin salt and basil beer.


First there is a Carnaroli risotto with duck with orange and black pepper combined with Montenegro 1885 a mix of amaro, lemon, elderflower, infusion of capers and Franciacorta while for the second the veal cheek, a red wine sauce flavored with cinnamon and cloves marries Montenegroni (Amaro Montenegro, red Chazalettes, Gin Boodles, angostura bitter). And to conclude with the millefeuille, chocolate, raspberry and pistachio , drink a nitrogenous Monte Manhattan (Amaro Montenegro, Rye Whiskey, angostura). ” To create these gourmet cocktails – explains Lorenzo Scaglia –we let ourselves be guided by the perception on the palate that each dish triggers and we took inspiration from the intense olfactory sensations of the bitter to obtain always different combinations designed to refresh, enhance or soften the experience of our guests “.

In Rome by Marco Martini


Chef Marco Martini , Michelin star with the Roman restaurant of the same name, bases the philosophy of his restaurant precisely on the dish-cocktail combination and, with the bar manager Daniele Gentili , has given life to the MMLab project that sees the encounter and fusion of bar and kitchen.mmlab is a project based on the meeting and fusion of bar and kitchenAll the creations of the Martini-Gentili duo are characterized by the use of innovative culinary techniques, applied not only to food but also to drinks. Thus the ancient method of preserving and flavoring food with the smoking of mugwort is used to enhance the aromas of drinks. Bitter oranges, tomatoes, bread and beer are transformed into a gel to obtain a concentrated flavor which, due to its consistency, remains more in contact with the palate and tongue so as to make the flavor last longer. And again the sous vide cooking, slow and at low temperature, is applied to syrups or infusions in drinks, and to the cooking of some meats, such as ribs and porchetta.


For the Amaro Montenegro Cocktail Gourmet project, Martini paired the Chef’s Welcome with False Coffee (Amaro Montenegro, apple, coffee), cod, patanegra and bitter orange with Bacchus tobacco and Venus (Amaro Montenegro, smoked artemisia and lavender, apple, cherry and honey), grilled pork ravioli, bread and beer with Lenghelo (Amaro Montenegro, maple and romanella, bitter orange), wild boar ribs with pizzaiola with Sgroppino 2.0 (Amaro Montenegro, lemon sorbet, elderberry and cinnamon wine).

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