Give Metallica a whiskey aged to the sound of metal

If you are a big fan of Metallica and appreciate a good American whiskey, you should try to grab one of the 5000 bottles of Blackened.

It was 1998 when Metallica released their very personal reinterpretation of Whiskey In The Jar , a classic of Irish popular music that earned the American group a Grammy Award. 20 years later, the band led by James Hetfield has decided to get serious, moving from the recording studio to the distillery: in fact , Blackened , an American whiskey aged obviously to the sound of metal, arrives on the market .

Aging with musical background


Titled as the opening track of … And Justice For All , the band’s fourth album released in 1988, Metallica’s American whiskey was made in collaboration with Dave Pickerell , one of the major innovators in the stars and stripes distillation front. Offered in 5,000 bottles at a price of 43 dollars each, with the first example branded 081 as a tribute to the year the band was formed, Metallica’s whiskey is characterized not only by the intense color, but above all by the way of aging. The distillate was in fact stored in dark barrels previously used for brandy, exposed to a special diffusion of music , obviously metal.


In collaboration with the company Meyer Sound, Metallica and some sound engineers have developed a patent pending music diffusion process, called Black Noise , to amplify sound waves at low hertz.a process for transferring a vibration on a specific frequency to the barrelsA procedure created to transfer to the barrels, through the reproduction of special playlists of songs of the group with the bass line very highlighted, a vibration on a specific frequency, such as to encourage the interaction of the distillate with the wood of the brandy barrels and favor a more intense aromatization. A novelty in distillation that seems to have given good results, as pointed out by the lucky ones who have already been able to try Metallica’s whiskey, proudly commented by the band: “ Obviously we would never have put a Metallica label on an already existing mediocre whiskey : we have been working on this project for several years, supervising every detail with careful precision, from the first idea to the first taste “.

The whiskey of the musicians


Metallica are not the first metal group to have launched into the world of distillation, although their method really has no equal on the market. Before Blackened the well-known Motörhead Whiskey was launched , to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the homonymous band, while Anthrax released their own distillate. Beyond the boundaries of this musical genre, even the great Bob Dylan has decided to do the same, with a whiskey called – without too many surprises – Heaven’s Door .

A playlist to better appreciate it


To better enjoy the whiskey, between one glass and another, Hetfield and associates have also decided to offer a listening playlist , available to buyers on Spotify and Apple Music, so that the experience on the palate is accompanied by a similar auditory stimulation. At the moment, however, the bottles of Blackned are only available in the United States, through the online sale on and, the two official distribution channels. Who knows whether the group, given the success achieved among the experts, may not decide to start a European diffusion, provided that the 5,000 bottles are not already sold-out.


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